Dv888 vs. Duncan Echo


How do these throws compare? I’m looking for a first metal.


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They are both great throws. But I like the Echo a bit more.


I prefer the Duncan Echo. But, given a broader choice, consider the Metropolis and the Raptor for the price range.

The dv888 is small, big heavy rims and plays heavy. To me, it feels like it plays what it costs. It’s a good yoyo, but I just feel it’s nothing exciting or amazing or even special. I also don’t feel it’s a good first metal. I’d maybe recommend the DiBase, DiBase 2, Capless or Sine//saw, but then you’ll be too spoiled and want the “best” all the time.

I feel the Duncans give better value. The Raptor is bland looking but with a clean bearing, it’s a great performer. The Echo is interesting, not quite myself, but still a great performer. The Metropolis feels very modern in shape and features and a player for horizontal and the gyro tricks plus grinding.

Consider the Raptor and Metropolis.


I have a Raptor, it plays great. My brother has a Metropolis, it plays great also and the shape makes it the best grinding yoyo I’ve ever tried.


Raptor for sure. But if those are your only choices… Echo.



DV888 is undersized and therefore less stable. It also feels really solid, often leading to the description of it playing like a rock on a string.

While some people really like the DV888 I think the Echo has more universal people and is ultimately more suited as a first metal.


you are rigth,go for a echo


For the price the C3 Capless is better than both.


C3 Dibase or look into yoyoofficer, their cheaper throw is the crayon around 30$.


Those yoyos aren’t on YYE or are out of stock.


Duncan Echo all the way.

Also recommend the Raptor.

Great throws. :slight_smile: