YYF or Duncan?

Which is better a yyf DV888 or a Duncan Metropolis ???

well not much is known about the met as not a lot of people have tried one. i know the dv888 has an excelent reputation and is highly reccomended here. so i guess you can just get a dv888 now or wait till more poeple have thoughts on the metropolis.another thing you might want to take into consideration is specs. the dv888 has a bit more of an edgier shape as apposed to the round curves and odd shape of the met. its all your choice.

From what I’ve heard the Duncan echo is better than the Metropolis. But not many people have their hands on these yoyos yet. The dv888 is a great yoyo but the Duncan Echo was used to win the 2011 world yoyo contest in 3a.
so imo dv888metropolis Echo>metropolis

i like the metropolis better but it is all a matter of opinion. they both play great but the metropolis seems to play lighter and faster, while the dv888 is a more solid playing undersized throw.

The Raptor is already better than the Dv888. I would try something new and go for the Metropolis.

yea i was thinking about getting the raptor too but i wasnt quite sure about it


oh well if you add the raptor to the mix then i pick that, but again it is all a matter of opinion.

okay so now im thinking raptor or echo…? im thinking echo but yea im still not sure…

I have all three, the DV888, the Raptor, and the Metropolis. Let me tell you no matter which one you choose you win. It really depends on your play style. The Met’ is VERY stylized play use. Its H-shape is amazing for finger and palm grinds but IRG’s are out of the question cause threw no inner ring of any kind. The DV is a pretty rockin’grinder too, but the finish on it isn’t as smooth as on the Duncan’s and it will stall out faster than both the Met’ and the Raptor. It can IRG well though do to the fact that it has an inner lip that you can take a nap in. The Raptor grinds really nicely do to that slick finish but simply because of a larger surface area touching skin it wont grind as lo g as the Met’ but it can still out grind the DV. IRG’s took some tweaking on the Raptor but when I got the hang of it it will out grind the DV888.

Play styles couldn’t be more different. The DV is a solid and stable throw, like a pack mule it just keeps going strong at a good steady pace. It wont slow down for a long time, but it doesn’t like to be in a hurry. No real tilt issues for me and binds were always nice and tight. It rarely knots up and when it does its usually an easy fix. I did find that it doesn’t like too many string wraps or it grabs on you. For plain solid and steady performance, I have never played better for the price. Plus I really like its profile, it reminds me of the Hunter-killers from the Terminator films.

The Met’ is a more versitile player. It changes gears and direction easy but it doesn’t play any one way as well as the DV plays in its steady manner. The Met can go fast just as well as its slow, and the extreme shape allows for string wraps galore. I will say that the Met’ has the new Duncan SG pads and they do tend to cut the string after a bit, whereas I have never had that issue with the DV888. Also, with the standard C bearing that comes in the Met’ I noticed it had tilt issues. I play center-trac bearings and that took care of the tilt issues for me, however. I am sure you can adapt and play them out though.

The Raptor is a beautiful example of a traditional wing shape. It is just a great over-all player, it grinds well, it plays steady at most speeds and I personally have had no tilting or rolling issues with it. It doesn’t really have any stand out qualities, just an over-all goodness to it. I love my Raptor like a really good buffet, it doesn’t matter what you choose— its all tasty. It doesn’t have the spin time of the other two but it wins in comfort and familiarity.

Price-wise there’s not a huge difference. I think for sheer cost Duncan has the edge simply because they package extra response stickers in with the yo-yos so you don’t have to order more later on, whereas my DV888 came with a nice string. Three string on the Duncan as always, is crap.

So its really your preferences that will dictate which is best for you. What is your play style and which of these will best compliment it? I reccomend eventually get all three :wink: