Duncan metropolis vs. dv888


I have no experience with either of these yoyos and I’m not sure which one to buy.

(2Sick Joey) #2

Neither get an Echo…Best yoyo in that price range IMO


Are you a new player? I personally don’t have much experience with either of these throws but if it’s going to be your first metal I can definitely give you some feedback. What yoyos have you played with? Do you have any preferences? :slight_smile:


It’s my first metal and I have had a grind machine and a North Star and I have no preferences

(2Sick Joey) #5

I personally would go with a Duncan Echo as I mentioned before. Its a nice confortable shape, smooth, bright colored ano, grinds amazing and is all around a pretty much perfect yoyo. If your keen on the dv888 or metropolis, I own both and I would pick the dv888 but I think an Echo would be a better choice


I got both.

The Metropolis must have had a run that had some issues. My first one was a string eater, so I sent it to Duncan, who in turn replaced it. Now it’s much better. The issue really is a design flaw. You have a raised area before the bearing seat area such as many other metal V-shapes have, but on top of that, there’s a tiny raised lip at the outer edge of the bearing seat and THIS is where the issue can be. This little raised lip is completely not necessary. That’s what was cutting through strings. Other than that, plays great. My 2nd one has no issues but I might but a grooved or shaped bearing just to help keep that string away from the edges. It’s a good performer in all other aspects.

The dv888 is smaller, feels and plays denser. It’s different. It is smaller in diameter and width. The weight is clearly pushed out onto big, dense rims. To me, it plays heavy on the string. Due to the design, I find in my play experience that it’s easy to knock it off axis, but there’s a huge number of variables that are contributing to me having this problem, mostly due to “me” issues. It’s not a bad yoyo by any stretch, but at the same time, I find it rather bland in shape and performance. It’s priced as it plays.

Neither are great grinders, but the Metropolis has a tiny bit of edge here as the surface has a tiny bit more texture. The dv888 isn’t going to be great at horizontal, where-as the Metropolis has a shape that works better for this style of play. You’ve seen that “spin the yoyo like a top on your finger or thumb?” Both these yoyos have flat rims on the inside, so both can do this. The dv888 is again lacking here only because the axle is exposed, while the Metropolis is completely metal and flat, giving the Metropolis an edge. The dv888, based on the design, has a smaller catch zone. The Metropolis is pretty much a V-type shape with rounded rims, making it all catch zone. Due to the difference in the catch zone areas, if you want to look at a yoyo that might force you to hit cleaner, the dv888 has the edge here due to not only the smaller catch area but also remember how I mentioned easy to knock off axis? Well, couple those together and apply that to the dv888 and the dv888 becomes an affordable metal “trainer”. This may be something you are after.

The biggest downfall of the Metropolis is that raiser outer lip of the bearing seat, which may or may not cause you grief. Considering my first one sliced through a dozen strings in a short play period, it went back to Duncan for replacement. Again, the replacement has had no issues. Hopefully your experience varies and yours isn’t going to be a string eater. If not, rest assured, Duncan will support you. You absolutely must factor this in as well.

I’m also looking at the Echo and Raptor to add to the collection. Duncan really has done nicely on their metals.


Ok I’m thinking echo? U guys think so?


I’ll let you know after I get an Echo. I’m definitely getting a 2012 Nationals edition Raptor. If they got the Echo at a good price I’ll snatch one up as well. They are on my wants list anyways.


Well since it’s your first metal and you don’t have any preferences you can’t really go wrong. Choose the one that you think looks the best! YYE sells nothing but quality products so you’ll be happy with whichever you choose. :slight_smile:

Although, I would recommend taking a look at the Di Base by C3YO. It’s in the same basic price range, and I’m sure most everyone here will agree that it plays well beyond its price. Good luck in your decision!