Metropolis and Echo

Just wondering how these yoyos play? I have never played a metal duncan yoyo because i have never really been too impressed with thier plastics. The metropolis and echo look quality tho and i was considering getting one but i dont want to spend 46 bucks on something and then be dissapointed when it gets here.

i’ve heard nothing but excellent things about both of them. i personally like the echo more. but just like the raptor duncan really stepped up the bar with these throws

I threw an Echo for the first time a week ago and found it to be an excellent yoyo, comparable to other manufacturers throws with a much higher price tag. The inner-body grooved surface does seem to assist in grind attempts. IMO the Echo is a great yoyo at an excellent price. I have never had a Metropolis in my hand.

I would like to add another quick thought about Duncan. Obviously all we folk who “yo” owe a great debt of gratitude to Donald Duncan and what he did to bring wide spread popularity to the sport in the first half of the twentieth century. However the last 10 to 15 years has seen fantastic advances in yoyo technology and Duncan was rapidly falling behind in the marketplace, maybe even getting left in the dust. This regress had gone to a point that perhaps their reputation took quite a hit. Now I’m an old fart so there is a very soft spot in my heart for Duncan yoyos. If any of you young kids are among the demographic of society who have come to approach the Duncan with a bit of a jaundice eye I would like to encourage you all to give Duncan another look. The last year or so has seen Duncan introduce some fantastic new yoyos. I have found their “Raptor” for instance to by a first-rate product at a VERY competitive price. Their “Screaming Eagle” line has some terrific products.

Turn around and give Duncan another look, they are back in the game!

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Dont get me wrong, my statement wasnt a sight on duncan. I am a HUGE fan of their wood yoyos and modified versions of the butterfly and imperial shapes are still very much in use. but i dont care for thier modern plastics. i may catch some flack for saying this and to be fair i have never played a modded one, but i dont even care for the FHZ. After reading these reviews i think ill pick up the echo and give it a throw. thanks guys!

The Echo seems to be the hot new throw right about now. A lot of people seem to be buzzing about it and have nothing but great things to say. To be honest, I want to try one, but I want the Metro more. There is just something about it that is calling to me, IDK. Either way, they both look like quality throws for an AWESOME price.

The Raptor is an awesome throw. The Exit 8 is too, I really want to get one someday and I’m eager to try the Echo and Metropolis because I’ve only heard good things. So many yo-yos, so little funds! :frowning:

I contacted yoyoexpert yesterday about which they preffer of those two yoyos (metropolis and echo) and asked if either one of them would be considered a competiton throw and they said that they liked the echo more for stability and spin time, and that they would consider it a competiton throw (this was before I saw that video of the 3a player on the echo page). So if I were to get one I would go for the echo because it suits my style.

Duncan makes some pretty good metals. I was amazed when I first got a raptor. I’ll probably pick up one of each some time when I have more cash. It’s good to see them sort of back in the game, and using newer slim response more. I never did like those friction stickers…

Echo is great throw, on pair with most yo-yos costing 100$. Metropolis isnt as good, and I prefer similliary shaped God-Tricks Destiny by significantly margin.


Can you provide some sdort of link on this on? i couldnt find anything on google[/s]
sorry missunderstood i thought god tricks destiney was the yoyo and significantly margin was manufaturer lol

Dang. Those rounded rims on the Echo look irresistibly comfy. The Raptor was too sharp for me.

These prices are low because they’re made in China. Not taking any shots, just explaining some of the price difference.