Help me pick a Duncan!!!


People seem to really like the raptor should I get it? What do u reccomend?


The Echo is nice and the Strix looks awesome.

(M.DeV1) #3

Classic good duncan: FHZ
Fun metal: Raptor
Competition beast: Barracuda


I literately just picked up a Strix for my first Duncan! I got mine for $50 Shipped, but on YYE it’s $55 which is a really good deal. It comes with a KK bearing so you can’t really go wrong.

I wish I could tell you how it plays, but I just got it.


Just get a raptor you cant go wrong with it


Yeah, the Raptor is a great yoyo. I’m happy I have one. However, I like the Metropolis a lot better. The shape is better for the more curent styles of play and it’s only a few dollars more.

Since we’re keeping the prices reasonable, the Echo is also worth considering.

The new Strix is interesting enough for me to put it on my wants list, but it’s not a high priority. I’ve got to say that Duncan has really stepped up their game and is releasing fantastic products all over the price spectrum.

With that said, DO NOT ignore the Flipside. $20 little bundle of amazing with a reversible spacer system.

However, no question about it, the Barracuda is one I really enjoy the most, followed by the Metropolis and then Flipside. The Raptor is still great, and I do recommend it. I just personally prefer a different shape.


I have to agree with Studio that the Raptor is good, but you should also consider the extra few dollar investment. I love my Raptor, but I love my Echo more. If you are wanting to spend around that much, I would say the Echo would be my pick in that price range.

If you are wanting to go cheaper, say get 2 yoyos instead of one for the same price, then I would go with a Flipside and a Metal Drifter. You will get a C sized bearing yoyo with a Concave bearing, a decent metal yoyo, and a cool counterweight. And because the two yoyos are so different, you can start to figure out your preferences.

If you are wanting awesome, I would go with the Barracuda. It plays GREAT! If you want awesome but cheaper, search for an Exit 8. There are still a few around. Don’t be fooled by the A bearing: that thing is a beast.

The Strix is on my want list: It looks like it is inspired by those $200 Japanese yoyos like Turning Point and YYR. I imagine it would play good, but you never know. When I get it, I’ll make my judgement then.

But, if you are still wanting a Raptor above all else, don’t hesitate to get it. It is a good throw that is still being talked about over two years since it was released. There’s a reason for that.


Trying to get a barracuda now!


I’ll be comparing the Raptor and Metropolis here, as they are the more “high end” Duncans I have experience with.

The Raptor is a pretty good yoyo. However, out of the box I felt that it had pretty poor stability. This seemed to be fixed with a center trac bearing. The two I’ve used are dead smooth. It is quite floaty, and has about average spin times. It has a decent grinding surface.

My brother has a Metropolis, which I felt was much better. It is also very smooth, and has the same surface as the Raptor, which works quite well. It is probably the best finger grinder I’ve ever used, but arm and palm grinds take some getting used to. It is very stable, is fast, has a more solid feeling to it, and has a very easy to hit catch zone. I also found it to excel at horizontal play and finger spins. However, the speed took a little getting used to, when I first was playing the Metropolis it sometimes felt like it was getting away from me. I was able to adjust fairly quickly though. Also, there was a small string snapping issue at the beginning, which was quickly solved by rubbing the are around the response down with a pair of jeans.