Duncan strix or raptor?

i need a throw duncan and cant decide what i want duncan strix or raptor if you have any other suggestions pleas say also

If you’re choose between those two, the Strix is a much better design. Better weight distribution, better shape for all kinds of 1A and 5A play, longer spin times, better quality construction.

Strix is better than raptor but torque is better than both and still made by duncan under $50

Some other under $50 yoyos worth considering are:
Yoyofficer kilter
Yoyofactory shutter
Onedrop Rally
Yoyorecreation Diffusion 2
C3 level 6

Do yourself a favor.

Get a Torque.

I would have picked that over all but there are no more in stock :frowning:

BST my friend :wink:

Or just be patient.

Came here to also suggest the Torque, it’s a great yoyo. Hope YYE gets a restock sometime soon because I want one!

Torques should be online end of the week or early next week! ;D

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