Is Duncan Really That Good Anymore?

Yah so I was wondering If a Duncan yoyo would be a good yoyo to buy. Because my Birthday is on Friday and my family is wondering what I want so Yah

Strix and Barracuda. They are very nice. These seem to be there top offerings. Maybe even a raptor or echo2.

Yah I was asking partly because I had a Raptor and my little brother stripped the axle quite easily

My Strix’s axle is fine. And last time I checked they’re replaceable. Also the Barracuda I tried was butter smooth and just an amazing playing throw.

I have an Echo 2 I’d be hard pressed to let go. Plays smooth, work like a champ and has taken a beating. The boutique companies have the elite market cornered but I still throw my Duncan yoyos. They got me into this.

The barracuda is the only duncan that really interests me these days

There’s so many other throws in the other price ranges that destroy the rest of duncans linup. Even the MG which was the only magnesium throw is outplayed by the magnum these days. Given the anodized MG’s play pretty well. As for plastics they’re beaten in pretty much all price ranges by C3, magicyoyo, and yoyofactory. Onedrop has some excellent stuff as well along with YoyoOfficer which is pretty new.

It even looks like yomega is making a comeback although duncan is definitely trying as well. The strix and echo 2 are ok throws but I’d take a shutter over either of those.

Duncan barracuda was my favorite yoyo before I got in to the Marcus Koh Ares and Magnum thing. Strix and barrachda are excellent yoyos with barracuda being one of the best yoyo around 100 dollar mark. Strix is an awesome yoyo that came with a 10 ball kk bearing. It feels like and,more floaty than the shutter which makes it great for horizontal tricks and flowy tricks. To me strix is one of the best budget yoyo tied with level 6 and shutter.i tried all yoyos from crazy D to Rally to Yeti,and Duncan strix will not disappoint you.

The Strix is the only Duncan yoyo I’ve played that’s really impressed me. Build quality is excellent, finish is gorgeous, and handles any trick you can throw at it (including the increasingly popular finger spin tricks). The only thing I don’t like about it is the engraving which I feel is a bit ugly. Thankfully, it’s quite small and discrete.

The rest of their lineup is solid without being mind blowing. Haven’t had a chance to try the Barracuda yet but the specs sit perfectly inside my comfort zone so I’m keen to give it a go someday.


Duncan yoyos have a great, solid yoyos, for a reasonable price. I have a Strix, Raptor, FHZ, and several more. They’re all great.

The barracuda is a great play

the barracuda has a pretty good track record. 3 world titles.

Really? Isn’t it pretty new? What are the titles?

2012 and 2013 3A by Hank Freeman.
2013 1A by Janos Karancz.

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Duncan’s great. Especially lately, they’ve been stepping their game up like crazy. Definitely still good.