Duncan Strix

anyone play it?
I have noticed some duncan projects some times just wash up or disappear(the magnetic yoyo,condor)
I think it will be in the raptor,metro,echo price point.
It might have a finger indent also?

It’s still happening, should be released around May-ish. Brandon said he’s expecting engraved samples soon, so as soon as that happens I’ll get pics/specs up on YoYoNews.

Played prototype, I think it’s better than Echo and Metropolis, also maybe best yoyo on horizontal grinds ever.

It should be priced little higher, around 60$.


I think this performance was using a Strix.  I could be wrong.

This was just posted on Duncan FB 17 minutes ago…

Here at Duncan HQ we’re getting more and more stoked as we progress with the development of Kohta Watanabe’s signature yo-yo, STRIX. Strix features a precision machined aluminum body, concave ball-bearing axle, SG Sticker response, and a modern wide shape for performing the most insane tricks. Strix was Kohta’s weapon of choice to win the 2013 European Yo-Yo Championship and we can’t wait to see how many titles it claims after its release this May!

MSRP: $60
Weight: 66g
Diameter: 54.5mm
String Gap: 4.1mm
Width: 42.6mm
Response System: SG Sticker
Bearing: Large (.250x.500x.187)

It looks boss. I want one.


Should be $60. I really want one. Like badly.

Yeah, that’s a Strix

Also, I’m pretty sure the Condor is still in the making.

Judging by my profile pic, you can know for sure that I’m picking one up right when it comes out!


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IN that photo is just prototype, final will have engraving.

The photo above is a pre-production prototype shown at NY Toy Fair. The final product will have laser engraving for sure.

Move over CLYW. Duncan’s in town.

shape reminds me of exit 8

Anyone want one? They look pretty nice. And they will only be $60.

Looks awesome for the price!

Looks pretty dope…

yep, the dopesta

I think cool engravings outweigh splash ano ANY DAY

You just said it was Dope, then you said it was better than splash. -_-

If its better than the Theory or the Oscillatrix, then ill get it for sure.

looking dope does not equate to splash…

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But he said:

He is saying, I think. The engravings on this yoyo look dope, but I like it better than splash?

Are you talking about the zeekio splash? He was talking about the anno.

Thats step makes it look like a horizontal monster
Also Anybody know If high end duncans will ever been in local stores like toys r us, Target ect… That would be awesome.