Duncan Strix Available!



The duncan strix is now available on other yoyo stores

Weight: 66.5g
Ball Bearing: .250x.500x.187
Shape: Wide/Flared
Diameter: 54.5mm
String Gap: 4.1mm
Width: 42.6mm

The specs are PERFECT for me at least.

Can’t wait to get one ;D


They’re also available here


Whoops didn’t see that!


Man, I just decided on a yoyo that I wanted to get, and then this came out.

Well, back to deciding. :-\


I’ve got one in my cart, but I’m waiting until I can bundle it with something else.

I’m leaning towards silver but I’m still not sure ???


Eventually you just gotta make a decision otherwise you play the waiting game forever. The strix looks great!


You and I think alike, Kyle. I bundled the Strix with the Surge. Got a silver one on the way. I was deciding between the Strix and a Capless, but the design of the Strix won me over.


I must say I really love that green.


I’d pick the gold.


I was mildly interested in the Strix before, but upon seeing the specs I became much more so.




I got one early in a trade ;D
I love it, I would have paid way more than the asking price too :o


Hey man, haven’t seen you around for quite some time! Welcome back! How does this baby play? Quick or flowy? Or both as a matter of fact.


Got one at BAC, I found that it can play however you want it to.  The shape has a “Japanese” feel if that makes sense. One throw trick i did with it for that Battle Royale:


I took a break from yoyoing and ever since I came back to it I’ve been mostly lurking…
And its pretty fast and floaty in my opinion, doesn’t mean you can’t mean you can’t pull of flow though.


The specs got me interested, but the price is what blew me away. I have a yoyo purchase that I want to make in the imminent future, so no Strix for me right now… unless that purchase takes longer than I’m hoping for and I have the extra cash by then. :wink:

But seriously, I’ve been keen on a yoyo that attempts to cater more to the fancy-schmancy horizontal finger grind stuff, and although there are some that aren’t bank-breaking, I think this one looks like it will take the bang-for-buck award.


I might get a purple one at Worlds…


I want one so badry :’(


Well you know what they say about great minds :wink:

In other news, I managed to snap a brand new Strix off the BST :slight_smile:


You’re the ultimate scavenger. I just got mine this morning and threw it for about an hour. It’s a lot of fun. Plays really light. The engravings are a nice touch. Definitely worth 55 bucks.