Favorite Duncan? Need fast answers


Hey guys, I’m in Florida on vacation and I was thinking about stopping by the Duncan yoyo cart, but I don’t know what to get! I was thinking about the Strix… Oh ya keep in mind I only have $60


Go with their newest release the torque


The guys manning the booth are very helpful and instructive. I bought a Torque there and am very happy with it. Do stop, even only to ask questions, you will be glad you did.




The best solution is to see what they have in your price range and then try them to see what YOU like.


Is it possible to try them? I thought duncans are packed in those impossible to open packages, and how would you put em back?


Pretty sure they have demo units and if not I bet they have their own throw that they’d let you try.


Yeah, they’ll have demo models. My vote is definitely the Torque.


Is the torque as good for finger spins as they say it is? Oh wait I’ll find out


I tried it and I didn’t think they were very great for finger spins. I was there about 2 weeks ago and got a strix! Just ask to try different ones and see which is your favorite! (I think the strix was 62 dollars for me)


Isnt the Strix 55 on yye?


My favorite Duncan is the Metropolis, too bad its discontinued, and even worse I messed up the axle seat, so its like a forever stripped axle.


The Orlando YoYo club meets there in Monday afternoon!!


What do you guys think of the Strix?


I don’t like it. Too unstable and not long enough sleep times. And it has a horrible surface.


Haha that’s funny, I bought it and I love it




Haha that’s funny


I definitely understood the intent of the question, so to that extent I WAS joking around. :wink: But I have to say… Mosquito, Butterfly, and ProFly are my favourite Duncan yoyos!


Honestly they are all fun yoyos, the mosquito is fuN when you wanna do the classic tricks on a responsive yoo, profly and butterfly are both good fixed axle yoyos, I like them for stalls