Throw Duncan...but I never throw Duncan

Hello guys,

I was maybe interested to buy my first Duncan model, it is unbelievable that in more than 10 years of yoyoing I never had a go with a Duncan yoyo.
Usually are/was very expensive the 1a modern models so I never had the chance but as I am passionate about yoyo and yoyoing I would like to have one now, I see quite a bit of models around Yoyoexpert and the forum and I was wondering what I can try and have as my first Duncan model also on second hand will be fine.

I play 1a and only modern yoyoing so I would like something that keep the game with my other throws and allow me to play as I usually do, it is a company that always kind of fascinated me but I always seen it like a distant world, I don’t know why but I have a weird relationship with this brand, I used to love Kota Watanabe as a player there and also Takeshi, so it’s time for me to pay some love back to this brand and own at least one of their products!

Any advice is welcome!


When I first started to get into modern yoyoing last year I looked up Duncan since that was the brand as a kid for me. I ended up picking up the WindRunner and still use it almost every day. It lives in my kitchen as my chill throw and I don’t mind if it gets dinged up. It’s priced really well IMO, is comfortable to catch, and has good rim weight making it nice and stable. I recently picked up the 7068 version and it plays a little lighter on the string.


I need to get some more modern Duncans as well. The only one I have currently is the Roadrunner, which was a steal at $20 (from another store). It’s not the most powerful or best performer and it has its flaws (the gap is a bit tight), but it is very solid, good quality, great blast and shape for grinds, and just fun to play with.


I second the Windrunner, i have the 7068 model. You can find it new for cheap and its a great all around performer.

Takeshi’s model, eXit8 is awesome. As well as Red’s Barracuda (or Barracuda X)

Let me know if you want more info, ive got a couple Duncan throws.

I throw Duncan


This is an incredible collection, imagine me that I do not have even one and you ahahaha love this!

I can speaks only from the specs but I would like a good performer in term of complicates tricks, I see that Duncan mostly produce a lot of stuff for more a chill and old school type of play but I see around there are good performing yoyo as well as they players demonstrate.

From Yoyoexpert I was looking at:

GTR, Orbital GTX (bit big in size for me but looks amazing, still not available), Yoshicuda X, Exit 8, Grasshopper GTX (which I really like at least from the pics)


Grasshopper GTX, GTR, Orbital GTX are the throws I see recommended the most.

Grasshopper GTX a ton of people claim is one of theur favorite bimetals


Duncan makes good yoyos and thier bi metals are excellent and very well priced. Love the orbital… but if you like the Durendal for its wood you might like the YoshicudaX which is possibly my favorite duncan. Exit8 is also a awesome undersized bimetal.


Have not played it but nothing but love from the community here. Duncan GTR-JS. Performance beast from what is said.


One of my favorites that gets a lot of time is my Grasshopper. As someone mentioned above the Windrunner is a really good one and can be found for around $19-&20 bucks if you look in the right place.


Buy a GTR or GTR-JS depending on if you want more of a tank of a bimetal (GTR) vs. something that packs similar performance into a much lighter and more nimble feeling yoyo (GTR-JS)

If you’re not looking to try a lot of their stuff and just want one yoyo, I wouldn’t waste your time with any of their monometals. That’s not to say they’re bad, but you can get a GTR for 40-50 USD on the BST and a GTR-JS for 60-70 USD. Because of yoyo day sales, mass availability, and very limited collector appeal- Duncan yoyos generally carry little value on the BST. Getting a GTR for 40-50 USD is a screaming deal, these yoyos may sell for budget prices but you’re getting some of the best of the best in terms of overall bimetal releases with them.

If you want a smaller size bimetal, the Yoshicuda X is compared very favorably to similar Turning Point bimetals, and again comes at a heavily discounted price if you pick one up used. If you want something smaller, get a Yoshicuda X over an Exit 8. Their other bimetals are generally held in pretty high regard and very affordable on the BST if there’s one you really like the look of them. I’d just really advise towards skipping their monometals. Their monometals are very average while their bimetals easily trade punches with the best on the market.


my favorite duncan is the FH1 especially the AL. i like the classic stuff the most and my tricks are just dusty old advanced intermediate stuff that is fun to throw on organics… But I got an orbital gtx and its a pretty radical shape, feels like throwing a spaceship. definitely wider than i prefer but its a cool throw and should be able to handle your tricks.


I always pick mine up as well, and I agree about the gap, but worn pads work well. It feels good in the hand as well.


I totally agree with this. I love them both. But the YoshicudaX gets way more play.


Duncan has some very good yoyos and some trash to, but I love the Grasshopper GTX and GTR, and the Freehand One AL is just bubbly fun. I personally am not a fan of the Orbital GTX just because it is uncomfortable to me.

Remember that every June 6th they have a big sale at least 40% off but I have gotten as high as 75% off when things stacked.


I recommend the Grasshopper GTX. It’s a classic. The GTR is based off the GTX but is a bit wider and more rim weighted. Overall I still like the Grasshopper GTX the most.


The Grasshopper GTX is my favorite Duncan throw, period. It, along with the YoyoFriends Nucleon, are what I consider the best $80 bi-metals you can get right now.


I would recommend a WindRunner or a Grasshopper GTX. I have both and they are outstanding for their respective prices. The GTX plays on the heavier side but not too heavy, there isn’t a trick nor combo it won’t shred like it’s nothing. WindRunner is arguably one of the best mono metal performers in its price range. It’s stable, not too light not too heavy, and again it just shreds. I also have a Torque that I enjoy from time to time, but I’d choose the other two over it almost always!


Freehand1 al


I second the Roadrunner, I picked one up for around $15 as well and its a real fun yoyo for all the reasons you have stated plus the name makes me smile and the wee roadrunner graphic is fun.

I dont care if it gets bashed and at the end of the day it comes with a dif e yo bearing which alone costs around the same as the yoyo. Its my go to if I want to practice grinds, it goes for days.


I second this

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