What’s your favorite Duncan?

There are so many Duncan yo-yos to choose from and so many I haven’t been able to try. I’m curious what everyone’s favorite Duncan is. Wether it’s for nostalgia reasons or just because it’s a good throw. When I got back into yoyoing around 2005 I went to a local comic book type store that also sold Yo-yos. It was called Eccentrix (located in Joplin Missouri). They had a glass display case with a really good selection of yo-yos. I started out buying a Duncan Throw Monkey and a Duncan Speed Beetle. I played with the throw monkey until I cracked it and then went back to Eccentrix and bought a Yoyojam Hitman and a didn’t buy another Duncan until they came out with the new Freehand Al. It was so good that I started picking up other newerish Duncan’s. Here is my modest Duncan collection. What else should I keep my eyes out for?


I forgot to mention I have the Freehand One Al, Freehand Al, Barracuda, Grasshopper GTX, Yoshicuda X, and Windrunner.


The only Duncan I have, my Imperial!


I am a big fan of the new Duncan Freehand AL series; my favorite probably has to be the large bearing FH1AL, though my new small bearing one plays really well with a Center Trak! I also think a new Freehand series yoyo I just got might just top the FH1AL, but I need to throw it more just to be sure…


I find myself using the Freehand AL series yoyos more than anything else in my collection. They fit well in my hand and pockets and they play so good that I dont want to put them down.


I’m really enjoying the small bearing Freehand AL1. My favorite of all time is the original small bearing mayhem, my first run yoshcuda and 2nd gen exit8 get a lot of play also. The one duncan I’d really like to find is the original exit8.

I’ve really been in the fence about buying the Ti Freehand, the Freehand AL didn’t really click for me and I have an over abundance of organic Ti yoyos.


I would love to have the TI Freehand but I would rather keep my wife.


I re read your message and It sounds like youre saying that you have a new freehand yoyo that is unreleased to the public? Or am I misinterpreting what you said?

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Any and all Freehands, with the Butterfly in second, Bassacuda in third.


The only Duncan’s I ever had was the wooden one imperial and butterfly and cold fusion. So I’ll go with cold fusion. Wish I still had all my old yoyos




@AaronW sums it up. I also enjoy both MayheMs and the both Raptors. Grasshoppers are good, along with the Echos and Exit 8s. I guess the only one I never cared to pick up was the Strix.


I wonder if they will do more runs of the exit 8 or the MayheM…

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MayheM was machined by onedrop, so I doubt they would do it again, but exit8 had a couple runs so maybe! But also why wonder too hard when you can go to the source?


New Exit 8 run before Christmas. Sending pricelist to retailers soon.

Mayhem is cool - once we figured out a streamline process with USA made yo-yos, we have an entire line concept for it!


My favorites are the grasshopper gtx and orbital gtx


Thanks man!

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Without a doubt the Mayhem


Heck yeah. Thanks!

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I just listened the interview you did on the yoyo podcast. I really enjoyed it…

grasshopper gtx

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