Duncan YoYos reccomendation

I’m sticking to Duncan yo-yos right now because I just started yo-yoing five days ago and I have the hornet which I believe is a looping yo-yo I want to get a few more Duncan yo-yos what would you recommend may be an imperial and butterfly? I would like to buy 3-6 solid Duncan yo-yos …

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Freehand is a Duncan Collection “Must Have” pick a color you like. They are reponsive out of the box with the exception of the WYYC 2023 Large Bearing


What’s your budget? You could get a GTR-JS and just have the best overall performing Duncan there is, no need to get 3-6 lol. And I’m saying this from experience! I did the same thing and bought a ton of Duncan yo-yos when I first started out again, and while they’re all fine, there’s a couple that just really stand out above the rest and are worth it over having multiple it that makes sense


No budget I want the best money can buy for beginner and eventually intermediate

GTR-JS Is this responsive ?

I’m looking to just play with responsive for now is that the best Duncan responsive ?


Skip the Imperial and Butterfly FOR SURE.

Absolutely +1 the Freehand recommendation from @Exmime. It’s a legendary classic and will be a great yoyo to use and master the basics until you upgrade to something like a GTR-JS (the GTR JSoften widely considered one of the best comp yoyos currently available) as @LeftyThrower24. Even then the FH1 is still so fun to throw around regardless of whatever yoyos you have. I have around 200 throws and the GTR-JS and FH1 are among my most thrown/favorites.


Ah im sorry man I didn’t read your post very well and see you’re like a beginner beginner, there’s quite a few options there and you’re gonna get a bunch of good recommendations in about an hours span so don’t you worry. I’m not much help in these departments but I do chime in when I think I can save someone some time and money :+1:

If I were you personally and for sure rockin with Duncan no matter what, I’d go Freehand 1 to start and then maybe a Barracuda when you want a metal/unresponsive yoyo. The Barracuda is widely available, is affordable, and pretty much a Jack of all trades I mean it’s a solid yoyo that will get you well into intermediate and advanced stuff. It’s won championships in its day in multiple divisions too, worth mentioning!

I get the Duncan love but a solid responsive I recommend learning basic string tricks in is the yoyo expert snap back. SnapBack YoYo by YoYoExpert


I just started 5 days ago I’m beginner beginner

Do I want polyester strings are these good ?

Yoyo Strings Professional 100% Polyester - Fits for Responsive and Non Responsive Yoyos -Yo yo Strings Pack of 50 (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green) (50pcs) https://a.co/d/5A291hF

Or if anyone has the best string recommendation please tell :grinning: and lube…

I got in my cart a freehand Duncan.Yoyo ; lube ; and the

Gtr duncan just waiting to hear if it’s responsive or non responsive ; definitely a long time before I even want to mess with an unresponsive …

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I’m okay yes based on these questions let’s forget unresponsive for now lol. Any bulk poly string will be fine, don’t need anything fancy. SnapBack is good choice for you as well it’s not Duncan but it was designed by @AndreBoulay hinself to help learn the basics so you know it’s going to be good

String is something I would not worry about bunch with responsive play. Just get bulk polyester string or cotton if you play fixed axle wood.

All the blends and nylons and rayons and junk thick thin corse and soft all not worth diving too deep at this phase.

Similarly don’t get a bunch of yo-yos get like 1-3 depending on what you’re looking to do.

Fir just learning the basics one simple responsive yoyo with a wide butterfly shape is all you need

I want heavy lube for the responsive right ?

Appreciate all of you so very much I was going to quit after a few days now I’m ALL in

Make sure it’s a Freehand One, not a regular Freehand - those are two very different yoyos and the FH1 is the one we’re talking about.

GTR is also a different yoyo than the GTR-JS. In a nutshell, JS is lighter and more “refined” - usually the most popular of the two. It’s also unresponsive.

Skip the Magicyoyo strings, those are… not good. Get some Kitty Strings, Sochi, Original Throw, Monkeyfinger Vines or C3 Pro strings - those are some of the more popular bulk options.


Yep thick or heavy or looping but honestly any silicone based lubricant will work does not have to be yoyo specific most yoyo line is rebranded automatics or manufacturing lubricant

If your truly dedicated to the Duncan love get a Duncan butterfly xt that will do most of what you want and can convert later if desired.
They are also cheap and you can find them all over the place

Also careful Duncan free hands and butterflies are really collectible lots of Duncan love. Lots of addiction to getting those neat new designs

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Get a “Thick” lube and a “Thin” lube.

You will use these to tune how freely the bearing spins.

Thick Lube - Wont spin as long but makes the bearing really responsive. A Drop will do you.

Thin Lube - Bearing will spin a little longer. May require a couple drops to get the responce you want.

Both will be used during your Yoyo Career.

String - At this stage, get standard size Poly string. Feel free to change it often. String is a consumable part. If it gets grimy, isnt holding tension/torsion, replace it.

Gave fun.

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Did you see this thread?

What’s your favorite Duncan? - General Yo-Yo - YoYoExpert Forums

I’m guessing I have more Duncans than anyone here but I’m not much of an authority. I don’t have any of the unresponsives. My recommendation is:

Butterfly 2022 with derlin caps - Must have!!
Freehand One FH1 Small Bearing - there are lots of FH1’s but this is my favorite.
Freehand Mini - New Release - there are a few green small bearings available and a bunch of the large bearing. I have a large and a small on the way.
World Class - New Release - Not much history but I love mine.
Imperial - Hard to find - How can you have Duncans without an Imperial?

I buy Duncans because they make me happy. I hope they do the same for you. That said they don’t make the best of every style and if you just focus on Duncans you will miss out on a lot of great yoyos.


Yeah don’t quit on it my man, you just need a good starter setup to help make it less frustrating at first and you’re going to be straight :handshake: everyone in this thread has good advice


Huge +1 to Butterfly, Butterfly XT, and Freehand 1.

My addition would be the Duncan Windrunner. It’s my favorite cheap mono metal for 1A. It still sees rotation with much more expensive throws. The double rim gives good power for a cheap mono metal. If I had to criticize it, the finish is nothing to write home about, and it’s not the best for grind tricks, and the inscription in the cup makes it challenging to DNA. The 7068 variant has a slightly better finish for not too much more money but mostly same DNA problem; I personally prefer the non-7068. Both can be had for <$30.


The Roadrunner is great for grind tricks. It’s also just a really fun yoyo in general and I use it a lot for 5A if you end up going that route.


If you want a 'higher end" nostalgic responsive the Butterfly AL is also good out of the box

Cold Fusion GT is also good out of the box for responsive performance play

I would stay away from BubbleBee 2022 as its finicky to tune for responsive play.

Imperial AL is kinda cool, but more novelty due to its weight, more of a collection piece and a fun challenge to play. It is responsive out of the box