Duncan Torque thoughts?


What do you guys think of or are expecting of the new Duncan Torque? Personally, I think it’s EASILY the best looking yoyo duncan’s ever made and one of the best looking releases of 2014 IMO. The specs and look seems like it’s going to play like a beast too. I just wish they placed the engraving outside of the cup like with the Strix for better fingerspins, but besides that everything else seems perfect, and only $45!

One of the few times I can say that I’m dying to try a Duncan :smiley:


For the price its hard to beat. We picked one up at the Duncan kiosk in Downtown Disney and we stunned by its performance.


When was that? I was there on Monday :wink:


I believe it was Friday. Picked up a gunmetal one.


Duncan’s engravings suck.


The specs, shape and price look great. Not a huge fan of the engravings.



Got my red one today. It’s pretty amazing and as mb said you cannot beat it for the price. It plays like a dream and is smooth as anything I’ve tried. I love it so far.


Very smooth…very


I bought my Torque last Sunday at Downtown Disney. I have been At Disney world all week so I have not have much chance to use it. When I first looked at it Seth (he who is pictured on the package) assisted me, I was surprised at how wide it was and how light it felt and how well it played. It will easily become one of my favorite throws. Mine is gold and all I can say is: Duncan you have a winner!


I’m waiting for the rings that can added to be released.


How heavy is it ? I saw it as 67 here and 65 somewhere else
Also, can it play fast?


It’s 67.1 grams. I literally just looked at the box.

Yes it can definitely play fast. Sean Perez was doing that exact thing when I walked up. Bryan Jarden was the guy pictured on my box.


Is is blasted for grinds? If not, how good is it for grinds?


It’s probably a good yoyo especially for the price but Duncan straight up ripped off yoyomonster’s designs. I posted this in another thread but it’s worth posting again.


Which is Duncan, which is YYM? One’s the Torque, the other the Checkmate. The diameter:width ratios on these are identical, the profiles are identical, Duncan just made some adjustments to the overall size and the rim looks different.

The Torque looks like a Checkmate knockoff.


the shapes are very similar but the specs are different, the cups are different which means that the weight distribution is completely different. Considering the amount of yoyos being made it’s hard to do something completely new.


edit: I goofed. Bryan is on the package and both he and Sean were throwing that day.


For you guys that already have one, how is it for grinding and fingerspins? Is it polished?


it’s completely polished. I’ve found it to be very bad at grinds. I can barely do normal finger grinds due to the fact that it kinda grabs your finger. I suck at fingerspins so I’ll let someone else comment on that. I don’t do grinds that often anyway so I’m fine with it.


Is it good at horizontal?


The shape is practically identical. Yoyomonster has been producing its signature “mixed straight” shape for years. Its found in virtually all their metal yoyos, not just the Checkmate. Then Duncan steals the shape, makes a few adjustments, and is going to sell about 100 times as many yoyos as YYM can.

I agree there are shapes that pop up again and again, because they’re so generic, but some companies have developed designs they’re especially known for. YYM being a prime example. Other than Ducan with the Torque I’ve never seen another company make a “mixed straight” profile yoyo.

Anyone familiar with YYM’s lineup can see the Torque uses YYM design features, even if it’s not identical to one of their yoyos.

It’s just very disappointing coming from the world’s biggest manufacturer when they copy designs from tiny Japanese shops, then try to pass off the design as innovative.

From the YYE ad: " And they’re [Duncan] still on top of their game creating amazing yo-yos for all players from beginner to pro! The newest addition to the Duncan De-Luxxe lineup is the Torque and it definitely lives up to the legendary Duncan name!"

What a load of crap.

By the way these were first released at Japan Nationals in a limited raw version that looks much less goofy. You can still find them on Japanese sites though they cost about $20 more.