Lately I have been in love with Duncan.

I have really been digging Duncan’s right now. The Barracuda slays and I will probably use it for Competitions. Really love it. Definitely a top player.

Thanks to your title, I have ‘Whitesnake - Is This Love’ stuck in my head. NOOOO!! ;D

One of the biggest surprises this year has been the Torque. So good for less than $50!

I grew up on Duncan, so it is very cool they are releasing some really good stuff the last two years.

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I will be going to the Downtown Disney Duncan cart sometime soon. Do they let u try out the yoyos there? If so, what should I try/buy?

The Torque is amazing for the price, the Triumph looks like it’ll be great but a bit spendy. I still haven’t tried a Barracuda.

the raptor is still SO good.

I’m guessing the triumph will go for about the same as the barracuda.

Triumph and Barracuda will be around same price, depending on retailers. But, my personal favorite (for 1A, that is, 3A favorite is the Triumph) is the Bassacuda, Sebby’s signature. Save your money for that. You won’t regret it.

Like the old Bassalope! Awesome!

I don’t see a huge resemblance between the two. Mostly inspired by the barracuda but a bit heavier.

I visited the Duncan Cart the day after the Torque came out. The guys at the booth were very helpful and supportive and I was able to try out the Torque before I decided to purchase it. They also help me with some of my problems (I have many) and demonstrated a couple of tricks I wanted to learn.
I will be going back in December and you can be sure I will be visiting and questioning again.

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The Strix was kind of disappointing, but I really liked the Echo 2 and Torque. The Barracuda is definitely one of the best yoyos they’ve produced.

One of their models that never get the recognition it deserves is the Magnetude. You know, the one with the magnetic spinning caps? It’s so ridiculously fun. I always throw a hard sleeper than stick it to fridges, metals doors, hand rails, whatever.

I hate the Magnetude. It needs way more win weight, and the stack glue was always chipping into the bearings.

Torque and Barracuda are definitely some of my favorite throws, period.

But that’s it. Duncan should’ve been making models like this from the start lol.

I was just there they are super chill and will sit and teach you new tricks for hours! trust me I put that to the test. Super nice guys! And Just to keep with the theme of this thread. The strix is one of my favorite throws out there right now! so good!! Love it!

When did the barracuda first originally come out? Anyone know?

Got to throw his personal one at GA States. So solid and so good.