Upgrading from the Duncan Torque to a Duncan Barracuda or Triumph

Well, I’m eyeballing the Duncan Barracuda or the Triumph as a potential “new throw” and I was wondering if it is really worth the extra money. I’d be upgrading from a pretty well worked in and used Duncan Torque.

Another question I have about this subject, is the other half of the mystery to me. What is the difference between the Yo-Yo’s?

i.e. - Where exactly is the price justification between a $45 Torque and a $120 Triumph. There is a $75 price difference. I am interested to know where that money goes to? Does it go towards supporting the Pro behind the model, the R&D, better manufacturing materials, better design, better weight? WHAT? I am curious because I could just get a Strix and another Torque plus a NSK Golden Bearing and a 100 Kitty Strings for about the price of 1 Triumph. All together, that is 2 Yo-Yo’s, 3 Bearings, and One Hundred and Two Strings versus 1 Yo-Yo, 1 Bearing, and 1 String.

And…If you take your thinking a step further…You realize you’re getting the same Response System and Bearing in the Triumph as you are getting in either the Strix or the Torque. I am not saying that is bad because it’s definitely not BUT the ONLY difference left to explain the higher costs is that the $75 could be potentially going towards a better Body Design of the Yo-Yo it’s self. Do these Higher Priced Throws use better Aluminum or something?

Okay…Simplifying it:

Your thoughts…

1.Duncan Barracuda Vs. Duncan Torque.
2. Duncan Triumph Vs. Duncan Torque.
3. Duncan Triumph Vs. Duncan Barracuda.


A better question though is why are you set on Duncan?

The Triumph is an exceptional yoyo. In some cases the word “upgrade” is kinda inappropriate because what you’re getting is something “different”. Lots of people love the Torque regardless of its lower price.

But if you’re asking, “Are these yoyos awesome?” the answer is yes.

You can buy other yoyo’s, some that may be better suited to your style of play, but you can not upgrade from the Torque!

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Price reflects cost of production, not differences in play. The Torque is made China. The Triumph and Barracuda are made in the US.

That being said, I own all three, and have a lot of experience with all of them. In terms of 5a, I’d rank them in order of Torque > barracuda > triumph. The torque feels the fastest and has the least distinctive feeling (which personally I prefer). The Barracuda feels the most “solid” and substantial, with possible the best sleep time out of the three. The Triumph is somewhere in between the two in those respects.

One thing to note is that you’re getting higher quality aluminium with an (arguably) better finish with the Barracuda and Triumph. Those two will stand up to repeated dings better than the Torque, and will probably have a longer life than the Torque.

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Well, you can pick up a Barracuda for $65 right now so if you were looking to get one of the two, I would get the Barracuda.

Your service and insight here are HIGHLY appreciated! I kind of wish I had all 3 myself, now. LoL.