New Duncan Torque in Stock Now!


Few companies can say they have been designing yo-yos as long as Duncan. They have been creating some of the best yo-yos around since most people can remember…maybe even before you were born! Actually, maybe even before some of your parents were born! And they’re still on top of their game creating amazing yo-yos for all players from beginner to pro! The newest addition to the Duncan De-Luxxe lineup is the Torque and it definitely lives up to the legendary Duncan name!

The Torque is a full sized V-shape yo-yo built for the modern yo-yo scene, and with a name like Torque you know this is a powerhouse of a yo-yo. Just take one look at it; the stepped V-shape, the rim focused weight distribution, the wide catch zone, and even an inner ring for finger spins – This yo-yo has everything any yo-yo player can ask for in a competition level yo-yo! And with the current World Yo-Yo Champion throwing Duncan you can say they know a thing or two about creating a competition level yo-yo!

Fast, stable, and long spinning, The Torque will help you power through any freestyle routine!


I guess I have to get my grades up now…


What do you mean about your grades???


A’s = reward. My parents are super Asian XD.


Weeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll coming from Asian parents consider yourself lucky if you get ANYTHING for an A :-\


This sounds surprisingly like my situation. My mom is getting me to save up for a car instead of yoyos >.<


This thing is soooo good. It’s insanely good for 5a too.


My birthday money goes to my college funds =(.


Dude I’ve only made 2 purchases in my 1 yr of yoyoing, my bday on May 16 2013, and Yoyoday last yr, I have a Classic, Northstar(Shaqler), a pair of D5’s, a Go Big, and a Dv888(1st yoyo)…
I was gonna buy yoyos during Black Friday, but my mom said she’ll let it happen on Christmas, which turned into January, which turned into May 2014 bday, which turned into its goin into the friggin piggy bank along with your bday money that u got from relatives so you can get a car when u can drive…

So u can say I didn’t get neither the Bday OR Christmas present she told me about >:(


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