Duncan Torque


So, I was at disney (First time!) and I was walking around downtown when suddenly… A duncan booth! I felt bad, not owning a duncan, and carrying my shutter… Well, one guy had a torque in hand, and we agreed to throw each others, and I was blown away! I had to buy one.

This is now my favorite sub-$50 throw. Plays a lot like a YYR. Not gonna lie.

Anyone else tried it?

(Former National 4A Champion) #2

i really like it myself. never played a yyr, but i guess i can imagine it. it’s super smooth, and fits yyj lateral caps.


Too bad they’re 100% sold out here…


I actually got a Torque in the mail yesterday…from our new sponsor, Duncan! Haven’t had much chance to throw it, but look for it (and more!) in the Museum later today.


I can say it does play similarly to a YYR. I love mine as well. Definitely one of my favorite overall throws.

(major_seventh) #6

I love it. “Unfortunately”, I got offered a 50 dollar MIB 86400 (one of the splash ones). I’ll have to get the Torque later :wink:


The Torque is now in the Museum, 360 view coming tonight - http://www.yoyomuseum.com/?1451


Waiting for my solid pink to come in the mail! So excited.


We should be restocking them soon.

(velez_adrian) #10

I also went to downtown Disney and got a torque. I personally really like it


Wait it does? Gotta get some now


There’s one red one left! ;D

(major_seventh) #13

The red is “meh”


Size 2