Duncan in Orlando


I don’t know how many of you know this but Duncan has a booth in Dowtown disney.( You probably went there if you were at the international yoyo championship at the house of blues.) Every time I’m at Disney i find myself buying a new throw, and I’m a pass holder ::slight_smile: .I picked up the Torque last weekend. Anyways I just thought i would share this for the greater good and to give people a heads up if they’re going to Orlando anytime soon.


That’s where I got my Torque. Bryan and Sean are definitely great guys. Had an awesome time at Disney and it was capped off with that.


They have a booth at Downtown Disney in Annaheim too! Was just there a couple months ago, got to try a Strix!


I bought my Torque the 2ed day of release at Downtown Disney Orlando.


Yea theyre great people. i mean nice as can be