Duncan Stand in Disney

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(Moderators- if it is a faux pas to discuss this as it is not a YYE purchase, albeit you carry the line of goods, I understand if it needs to be deleted.)

I wanted to express my appreciation to the guys at the Duncan booth at Disney. I stopped by while on vacation. They were helpful, answered all my questions and let me try a few out before finally deciding on a Strix. I love this throw and it came recommended after we discussed my current collection. They seemed happy to help out a fellow ‘grown up’ yoyoer and seemed pleasantly surprised when I pulled my rally from my pocket to demo my current ability level, mostly intermediate-low advanced.
A couple days later I wandered back and we chatted for a few more minutes. They were informative, helpful and very positive. I regret not getting a photo for my Yo-Yo New England Facebook page.
Have you been? Make a purchase? Share your experience.

I am going back to DW in May and am looking forward to visiting the Duncan booth. I am happy to hear that as an “adult” you were well received.

I was just there last week. It’s really cool. They are spreading the modern yoyo love to hundreds of a people a day.

I was at the one in California two weeks ago and yesterday. I go there quite often. When I first was there, I showed off some tricks and they immediately knew I knew how to yoyo . The guys were extremely nice and even taught me a new trick:) I love going there now

I randomly go throw at the California Disney Duncan, since I live close by. It’s nice since I can go there and always have someone to throw with.

David, Which one did you go to? California? or Florida?

California. Logan was working. That is the other cool thing about it: local yoyoers have a job!

Nooooo i missed you! That was the week we moved the meeting to our old place…

I’m going to be there this Saturday! Its the new DXL meeting place.

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Damn, I wish I knew you were around. It would have been cool to hang.

I go there for DXL meets whenever I can :slight_smile:

It’s a lot nicer than meeting out front of fast food restaurants, etc lol. Plus is spreads the amazingness of yo-yos to the public. :smiley: