whats your favorite duncan and why?


anyone like the raptor thinking of getting one.

(SR) #2

Some people prefer Duncan’s yoyos, some don’t. It’s all preference. I’m not really that into them, but the Raptor is pretty good. I like the Mayhem as well.

Weren’t you gonna get a Chief a while ago? Your money would be better spent on something like that, seriously, you wouldn’t even have to worry about getting other yoyos and wondering if they’re good or not because the Chief is just so insanely good. It’s seriously the one of the best yoyos you can buy right now. Just get that and be done with it.


I love my raptor! Sadly, the axle stripped, but I got a new one easily (the smallest YYF axles work well if I remember correctly). Get a string centering bearing with it and never look back!


Ya but I just wanna try out one from each major brand

(M.DeV1) #5

I have owned 5 raptors since I started yoyoing lol. But for sure my all time favorite duncan is the FHZ. Just so many modifications and how unique some of them can be. Not to mention all the Special editions out there.


A sili recessed zero is the way to go when it comes to duncan in my opinion. I’ve also tried the diversion, mayhem, metal zero, and freebird which I all found to be very boring with the freebird being the best of those 4. The other plastics like the mosquito, flying squirrel, flying panda, and throw monkey are terrible with the flying squirrel being the best of that lot. If you find a good condition fh1 those are very fun but I personally enjoy the shape of the fhz more even though it’s not as organic. I did get to throw a flipside briefly and found that to be very fun and the MG I owned was nice but I fealt it wasn’t worth holding onto considering the price.

So in conclusion the fh1, flipside, MG, free bird, and flying squirrel are
ok but the fhz with some slight modding is better in my opinion.



Sure, why not?

I was looking forward to getting the Raptor at Nationals 2012 after hearing wonderful things about it. The kicker was the caps for Nationals 2012 for this.

I have to say that I have been very pleased. It’s a boring looking yoyo but it performs very nicely.


Ok Its on my radar!

(WildCat23) #10

I felt the Raptor was great for it’s price, but kind of lacking. Had one for a year and a half. After I got other metals, it rarely ever got played.

I don’t own one, but I have played and enjoy the Barracuda. FHZ is pretty sweet too!


Barracuda and Fhz. The barracuda is a Beast player and FHZ are so much fun!!!