'Fun' Yoyos?

My favorite yoyo is the Duncan Raptor. I have an Irony JP, Shutter, Strix, Genesis, Prism, and some low ends. But my favorite is the Raptor. It’s unstable with low sleep times, and I would never use it in a competition. But it’s so much fun. And I don’t really know why. Maybe because its floaty, high walled, and organic. So, what are some other really fun yoyos?

The Severe has personality. I love it.

Werrd Pacquiao
Spin Dynamics Smooth Move
Duncan ProFly

Second the Pacquiao and also the rooyo sv and pybit

Ill give a 3rd on the Pacquiao.
That is a strangely fun yoyo that I never thought I would enjoy but I surprisingly did.

Yoyos? Fun? None of them.

My Canvas is one of mine that doesn’t perform as well as some but is just as, if not more, fun.