Duncan love

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Anybody else here happen to be a Duncan lover?


I’ve got love.


I would be if they’d finally release that fudging Barracuda.


Okay Kansas… I’ll see your jeweled and raise you a whistling! ;D

I heart Duncan.


I LOVE Duncan, their website got me started with the tutorials. I don’t have any antique/vintage throws by them, but I still love them.

(Waylon) #6

Imagine an image of a black 1955 Duncan Tournament reproduction with some missing paint nestled in my meaty palm. I’ve thrown it more in the last two weeks than anything.

(Jerrod) #7



I don’t think people give Duncan enough credit for there higher end throw I really like them

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #9

I agree.My duncan collection consists of :five Hayabusas ,seven Fhzs ,two bearing king tops ,a pair od bumble bees , a pair of pink duncan=love edition echos ,a Meyham ,a metropolis ,and a mongu edition Raptor.I love them all ,and plan on getting more and more. :smiley:

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I got my light-up FHZ from Brandon Jackson himself, it was really cool!


Duncan rocks. Duncan = Love.


Duncan reps hard!  Even in other industries!  Check out this video off Duncans Facebook page.



Duncan really amazes me. I got into this from nothing essentially and Duncan got me my start. However, in most people’s opinions, they are a brand of cheap plastic yoyos. Not junk, but inexpensive stuff.

Much to my delight, Duncan has offerings from low-cost plastics to high end metals. My next Duncans I do want to get is a clear FHZ, Barracuda and an Echo.

Yeah, I like Duncan as a brand. They got extra dollars from me at Nationals with the Flipside. This has to hit stores soon!

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One of my fhzs is clear ,but I’d really like a clear hayabusa. :smiley:


I LOVE Duncan so much I have: 3 exit 8s,2 mayhems, 2 momentums,2 diversions, 2 Hugo zs, 4 vendettas, 6 fh2d, a flying panda, 2 echos, 2 bumblebees and 13 fhzs


I like Duncan not to much love. I think they need to do more with 5a. They stopped everyone else from videos an stopped themselves also. Dont get me wrong, i got back into yoyoing because of duncan. Just show 5a love Duncan.


Right now I’m thinkin of getting a momentum after Christmas


Duncan is, just okay. I mean, I love my Metropolis, but YYE was out of red. So rather than settling on blue, I ordered it from their site, and it took A WEEK to ship. I had to wait another five days because their shipping is so slow. I guess I’m just butt hurt.


Every one of my yo-yo’s is Duncan other than my psg. I have always gone through duncan because my mum wouldn’t trust any other manufacturer with her credit card. Then we tried yoyoexpert and im able to get stuff here now also. Although sadly, i have 0 monies : (


Love your tag btw yoyojohn, soul eater is an amazing anime ;D