Why does Duncan say its the number 1 yo yo brand in the in the world but almost no one uses one on this site? Is it false advertisement or is it really number 1 but nobody wants to use it?

because duncan has been one of the worlds top sellers and its one of the first brands off yoyos made

The slogan “The Original. Worlds #1.” means the “original Duncan Yo-Yo” being the first mass produced yo-yo that people remember from their childhood (Older Generations). And the Worlds #1 could be left to the imagination. The worlds #1 favorite, worlds #1 highest selling, Worlds #1 (meaning first) yo-yo etc etc.

Correct me if I’m wrong,
Duncan has made One of the greatest “yo-yo breakthroughs” ever, The Butterfly shape!
Duncan is an amazing company, with out standing players and Yo-Yos.
Right now Duncan is trying to start a "Yo-Yo boom, by giving demenstrations at Toysrus, and I’ve heard it has been great!
Alot of People have started Yo-Yoing becuase of Duncan and I am going to correct you on the “nobody wants to use it” countless people have gone really far with them,

And “Worlds number one” is (again correct me if I’m Wrong ) a trade mark…
and worlds number 1 could mean anything…

I own four Duncans :slight_smile:

They may not have kept up with the advances in technology as some newer companies have, but they are the ones that brought the Yo-yo to to the masses. They’re still the only brand to have “deep” market penetration in retail stores like Toys-R-Us, Target, and Walmart.

Yeah, and honestly Duncan is my choice in responsive play… (I dont loop so dont count looping with that)

The closet toys’r’us to my house is an hour away so while Im still on vacation (For about two more days) Im going to visit the toy’r’us here and pick me up a Freehand or two and maybe some other stuff…

What else do they have yoyo wise?

For Duncan they stock:
Imperials, Butterflys, Freehand 2’s, Dragonflys, Pulses, Speed Beatles, Reflex, 5 packs of cotton string

For Yomega they stock:
Brains, Fireballs

See pics below

I think they mean #1 by being the first Yo-Yo brand ever made. :slight_smile:

Yeah, and they obviously aren’t bad yoyos either. Freehand zero?

Must be. Probably modded.

Bionic Freehand 1.

Oh somebody told me freehand zero. Either way, it wasn’t modded. It was stock. He’s just good.

Duncan is amazing!
I have a modded butterfly and a FHZ.

I’d like to get an FHZ tobad Toys’r’Us doesn’t have them…

Almost everybody has a duncan, even non-yoyoplayers. If a little kid wants to buy a yoyo to learn to go up and down with, hes going to buy an imperial, not a dark magic. Duncans are more popular among the world, but to serious yoyo players, there not as good as YYJ or YYF.

I don’t see how this reply relates to the quote. ???

A Freehand 2 isn’t that bad of a yoyo. And if you really want an FHZ, just buy one here.

I know its just that Im going to toysrus tomorrow and it would be cool to pick one up now instead of make the order have to wait…

Throw monkeys are heavier, not as loud, more durable, And have weighted rims.
I prefer the Duncan throw monkey tons more than i like the FHZ.

tyler severance freehand zero