These are the yoyos of your life…..

Tell your life story in yoyos….please… just the high-lights….if you’ve just started…or only throw for 1 or 2 years…I don’t need to know every yoyo you own….just pick one or two….your a baby….

(To clarify to some…most are getting it…when I say Duncan imperial…I mean 1973….your first yoyo…some stuff in the middle and the last…)

Duncan Imperial
Yomega Raider
Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1
YYJ Lyn Fury
H-spin Pyro
CLYW Bear vs Man
WERRD Split Decision

Duncan Imperial
Aerobie Aero spin (yeah I know most wont have a clue)
dif tank
Erric Wolfe (wood)
Wooly Marmot

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duncan imperial
Code 1

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fast 201
duncan imperial
duncan speed beetle/duncan bumble bee
duncan free hand
tom kuhn SB2
Yomega Dash
YYF protostar
YYF Dv888
SPYY Addiction
YYF Mighty Flea
CLYW Gnarwhal
CLYW Wooly Marmot
ILYY Liopleurodon
Vsnyyc Battosai
General Yo Essence
STYY Remnant 2

I don’t really understand how this works. Buy here I go.

97’s Fanta orange yoyo
99’s Bandai hyper dragon
Aoda sunshine
YYF genesis
RevYoLution kahiji
Back to YYF Genesis
Still rockin YYF Genesis

I have many other throw. But one that describe my yoyo life best is my first run genesis.

F.A.S.T. 201 how it all began, actually it was a Bandai hyper yoyo which was a rebranded F.A.S.T.

OD, first love, turned it (purposely) into a beater, still got it, love it

DV888, cheap and easy, got two of em, one of which is stacked

Steamroller, something else, a true premium throw

Code 1, made me enjoy throwing full size

3yo3 cosmo, gorgeous, still play it almost daily

FAST 201
YYJ Kickside

Alot came inbetween #2 and #3… but it doesn’t matter.

Cheap Dollar Store yo yo
Pocket Pros Zombie
Werrd 4XL Groove

Ned Boomerang
Yomega Brain
Dark Magic
Rec Rev No. 9

Yotech Power Ring & Hypergear (Hooked on Yo, from the first throw)
Duncan Flying Panda (Bigger, the only way i could learn trapeze)
Buzzon Element X (more than one, so many Hours spent with them)
YYJ Black knight & Relic (Solid Players, always)
Spyy Radian II & III (great grindage, but watch those horns!)
Hspin Pyro & Envy (I will never stop using the Pyro, never)
Dif-e-yo Tank (paid to have it custom anodised)
YYF G5 (not my first hubstack, but my favourite)
YYF Stars (pop, north, proto – Plastic Is Back)
Yoyo-recreation Dreadnought G (Finally a metal yoyo sized for my big hands)

I wanted to write more, and I couldn’t leave any of those out.
The Yotech’s are retired, but all the others still get regular use.


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1971 Duncan Gem

in 2005 I got an element X from Adam Brewster.

Then a fhz
DM v1
made my own

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YYJ Black Knight
YYJ Atmosphere
YYJ X-Convict
YYJ Atmosphere
YYF DV888 (2010)
RecRev Electric Daisy
YYF G5 2010
YYF StarLite
YYJ BigYo2
Hspin Gorylla
CLYW Wooly Marmot
VsNYYC Battosai
CLYW Sasquatch
Duncan FHZ
Shinwoo Techno2
GenYo 5* V2
YYF Genesis
CLYW Wooly Marmot (Skittles)
Xcube Steamroller
YYF Nova
YYF Yuuksta
Duncan FHZ

That’s every yoyo I’ve ever owned :slight_smile: They’re also in order

Sixth grade: Duncan bumblebee,
5 months ago: Duncan bumblebee, again ( new one)
Dark magic 2
Wooly marmot,
One Drop 54 (all Time favorite)
Genesis and speed freak coming soon.
These aren’t all. Just the ones that matter…

Duncan Pro-Yo

Auldey Grey Fox

YYJ Speedmaker

YYJ Legacy



Yomega Saber Wing. Wasn’t actually mine; it was my brother’s. I can remember standing up on a stool becauset he string was too long, though. Farthest I got was a reasonable sleeper and gravity pull.

Orange Duncan Proyo. First yoyo I can remember owning AND using. My uncle showed me some picture tricks that blew me away. The farthest I got on this was trapeze, and an attempt at double or nothing before I lost it.

YoyoFactory F.A.S.T. 201. Got this a few years later from an aunt. My bother also got one. Mine was yellow, his was purple. We made a really bad yoyo video on a VHS tape. We’ve since lost it. I modified the starburst to allow for longer sleepers, and I think nowadays it’s in pieces.

YoyoFactory Pocket Change. This was my first yoyo for YEARS after the 201. I really consider this the start of my serious yoyoing, since I really took off and developed then, and because I haven’t stopped since.

YoyoFactory DV888. First metal. I guess that makes it important! Also, I competed for the first time with this yoyo, and won second in Sport 1a with it a few months later.

I like a lot of the yoyos I currently have now, but they don’t have stories, which I feel makes them out of place in this thread.

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Fast 201
Big Ben

Speeder 2 (Fav. Throw)

Duncan Butterfly
Duncan Mosquito
YYJ Dark Magic
YYF Genesis

Throw Monkey
Madman T3K
Yomerica Planet 9 (Vendetta Ano’d)
Yomerica Planet 9 (Black Hardcoat no Engravings)
YYF Monster
RecRev Octave
Rebel Yo-yos Prototype #1 and RecRev Magaroo Light (my current babys)

1997 - Yomega Fireball (I rocked that thing for years during middle school)
Spring 2010 - Duncan Mosquito (Saw it at wal-mart for $5 and I was like "a ball bearing yoyo for $5? Those cost $20 back in the day)
Summer 2010 - Dark Magic (saw Andre doing mind blowing tricks with this yoyo that would sleep forever. Last time I saw a yoyo sleep that long was the SB2 in middle school that all the rich kids had. I said to myself "Self, your grown up now you can afford a nice yoyo. So I got it.)

And the rest as they say is history

Freehand 2
Lyn Fury
Some metal rimmed YYJs
Some metals
No Jive