What was your first yoyo?

Seems like a fun question (or questions).

(1) What was your first yoyo that you can remember?

Also, (2) what was your first yoyo that you started learning more advanced tricks on (say split the atom or similar tricks)?

(3) What was your first ball bearing yoyo?

(4) What yoyo was your main throw when you realized that you were completely bat sh*t crazy in love with yoyoing? ;D

My answers:
(1) If I remember correctly I think I had either a Duncan Imperial or a Duncan Butterfly when I was about 5 or 6. So like over 2 decades ago. That was my first yoyo.

(2) The first yoyo that I learned split the atom on was a Yomega Power Spin circa 1997.

(3) My first BB yoyo was a maroon Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine. One day while I was doing some stupid trick like a world tour or time warp or something on a old frayed string, the string snapped and the poor wooden yoyo smacked the concrete and literally shattered into 10 pieces.

(4) I actually just recently got back into throwing and im completely in love with it. And it was my YYF Yuuksta that get the honor of being the yoyo that started my affair with the yo!

  1. Yomega Firestorm back in middle school.
  2. YYF Velocity I ordered from here.
  3. YYF Velocity Same as 2
  4. I am pretty sure my preferences went from Firestorm>Apollo BC>Velocity>888x>Maverick>DMv1>Virus>Protostar (RIP)>Lunatic>Dv888>Frantic…

Wow that was pretty fun to remember.

  1. Duncan imperial
  2. Duncan butterfly
  3. Duncan mosquito
  4. YYJ lyn fury

1)A really,really cheap,orange yoyo.
2)YYJ Revolution
3)YYJ Revolution
4)Yotech (cheap brand) Asteria

  1. Ned Show Boomerang
  2. Dash
  3. Raider
  4. DM
    I got a DM and a Lunatic at the same time and regret it compelely. I shouldn’t have got a metal so early.

Why is that? Why do you regret getting a metal so early. I bought a pocket change for my first throw when i started getting back into it and 1 week later i bought my yuuksta and it was the best decision ive made in a long time. (which is kinda sad and probably means that i make bad decisions normally) :slight_smile:

  1. Ned show cosmic spin
    i hated that yoyo it only spun for like 10 seconds
  2. legacy
    i gave it away but it was fun using that yoyo
  3. legacy
  4. my Grind Machine

In my opinion I wasn’t ready for a metal. I wasn’t very good at all and wasn’t smooth. But that is just my way of thinking. Everyone has their view on stuff. :slight_smile:

Lol I remember my first yoyo ever, it was In Medellin Colombia, I found it in a box of old toys at my grandmas house, it was a Jack Russell Sprite Super, at the time I didnt even know what it was cause i was so young and it didnt have a string but i loved the shape and color of it and at the time I would collect gatoraid bottle caps so this bigger sprite bottle cap replica was like burried tressure to me, so I carried it around all the time flying it like a UFO and doing whatever else my imagination would come up with, till my aunt got me a new duncan imperial or maybe a knockoff but it had string, Which i thought was cool till i eventualy broke the string :-[ and then i took the string and tied it to the Russell :o I breathed new life into it with that string, aw man, don’t know what happend to it after that, i was so young I might have lost it, maybe one of my many cousins stole it, but man, just recently i saw it again for the first time after so long, sold out on yoyoz.co.uk, and I was like ???- ::)- :o- :’( thats when the flashbacks of my childhood snapped in my mind like a series of cascadeing polaroid pictures, I would have bought that in a heart beat, I’m googling it right now!!

  1. fast 201
  2. fast 201
  3. fast 201

lyn fury
first trick i beleve it to be double or nothing ;D

  1. Duncan Imperial
  2. Yomega Fireball
  3. Speedmaker
  4. PGM
  1. Orange ProYo and a string with so many knots there was hardly an spot without one.
  2. Pocket Change
  3. F.A.S.T. 201
  4. FA.S.T. 201, and years later with the Pocket Change
  1. Classic butterfly from the 70s
  2. avenger
  3. avenger
  4. htman
  1. duncan ingnite
  2. kickside
  3. kickside

i wish i still had my kickside

I had a Duncan Gem back in the 70’s.

Then my new school yoyoing I got a

  1. Buzz-On Element-X Recess Remix.

  2. man that was 6 years ago. lol

  1. I want to say it was a yomega xbrain. But I can’t say for sure, I was but a wee lass of 8. (12 years ago) :stuck_out_tongue:
    2,3&4. After about 12 years of non-throwing, I just recently got back into the way of the yo with a PGMv2. After about two weeks of constant throwing, I then realized that I had fallen in love with a fair mistress. And her name was yoyo.
  1. Yomega Brain
  2. Velocity
  3. Velocty
  4. Bassalope

When I started 30+ years ago everything was Duncan.
A few years back I started picking up Duncan and Yomega yoyos as I saw them in stores because I always love having a yoyo with me and enjoy trying different ones.
When I discovered unresponsive play about a year ago I bought a Lyn Fury and Dark Magic at the same time.

Good to see you older folk here. Warms my heart to know I’m not the only one. lol