What was your first yoyo?

I was at a garage sale a couple weeks ago and saw a box of classic wooden duncan yoyos from the 30’s (according to the guy who owned them). I would have gotten some if they weren’t $130 each…

My first yoyo was a Black Mamba. It’s like an x-brain.

Duncan Imperial
Duncan Dragonfly
Duncan Throw monkey
Duncan Metal Zero
CLYW Campfire
Yoyojam Lyn Fury
Yoyofactory PGM2
Yoyofactory Genesis
Yoyofactory Protege
Thats my entire collection in order. I will probably get a boss next.

  1. tons of little digimon yoyos and cheap ones. but mainly duncan profly
  2. speeder (so hard to start…could not bind)
  3. speeder again
  4. superstar definitely. got yoga flame and john ando and want MORE :smiley:
  1. fireball or x-brain. I got both at the same time from a mcdonalds happy meal years ago.
  2. a yyj legacy
  3. that same legacy
    4)either my tactic or superstar
  1. X-brain
  2. Legacy
  3. Legacy
  4. Mine '09 888
  1. flying squirrel
  2. hayabusa (me being 5 at the time i didnt know it was an offstring yoyo)
  3. speeder
  4. dark magic
  5. won a protege in a raffle
  6. traded protege, flying squirrel, and speeder for a G5
  7. 888
  8. elliot jackson peak
  1. Wooden SpitFire that I still have and play with.
  2. Kickside
  3. Kickside
  4. Gnarwhal

1 speed dial
2 die nastie
3 dingo
4 protostar
5 g5
6 skyline
7 about to get 54 at nationals

My first five yoyos

Dollar Store Yoyo
Firestorm Wing
X Brain Wing

Lame. I’d replace them if I could.

Duncan butterfly
Duncan hayabusa( i tried a little offstring, kinda failed)
Duncan hayabusa
YYF Dv888

Isnt it funny how like 90% off the people started out with a duncan

Duncan Butterfly
Duncan Mosquito
Duncan Imperial

  1. Some free horrible yoyo from the bank
  2. Firestorm
  3. Turbo Bumblebee
  4. Dark Magic v1
  5. Chaotic
  6. Protostar
  7. Loop 900’s

(1) One of those yo-yo’s from that company that went to peoples schools.

(2) Raider

(3) Raider

(4) yoyoFactory Dv888

I really wish I still had all my old yoyos from when I first yoyoed back in like 1998-99. I have no idea what happened to them. I had a pair of proyo 2s for looping, a tom kuhn sleep machine (which shattered into a hundred pieces after a string snap,) a viper, a yomega tigershark and quite a few more. Though none of these are really great for modern play it would still be nice to have them in the collection. Anyone else stop yoing for an extended period and lose your old collection during your hiatus?

  1. A three dollar walmart yoyo
  2. X-convict
  3. Gnarwhal

glow in the dark moose

1)Yomega Fireball
2)Duncan Proyo
3)F.A.S.T 401k
4)YYJ Axiom

  1. something called a "goyo’’ and then a duncan butterfly
    2.poket pros zombie
    3.yomega fireball
  2. yyj dm2
    my current yoyo collection is a goyo, butterfly, yomega fireball, duncan dragonfly, yomega xodus 2,duncan freehand, pp zombie, dark magic 2, yyf pgm, yyj bigyo, and 3 crappy yos [a smiley face yoyo,a td bank yoyo , a old timey metal yoyo, and a duncan spped racer yoyo ::slight_smile: ??? :wink:

duncan mosquito
and the list grew from worlds.

My first was just a duncan butterfly. But then I got a mosquito and learned walk the dog and such.