What was your first yoyo?


Just interested to know what everyone’s first yoyo was. Mine was a Yomega Fireball. :wink:


Mine was the duncan pro yo and I still have it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, when I was a kid, I had a Fast 201, and I’ve seen some wooden yoyos around my house, but I have no idea what came first. ::slight_smile:

This time around it was a YYF ONE, and a few days later I bought an 888x.


Raiders, all the kids in the neighborhood owned one.


cosmic spin 2.
Noob yoyo. But hey, it’s why I’m here now!


Duncan pulse.


XBrain from the 90’s. I had a bumblebee back then too.

When I restarted a few months ago my first throw was a Yomega Xodus II. That was followed by a Peter Fish Luminator and a Yomega Maverick. My first high end yoyo was a EYYC2012 Edition Catalyst.


A speed beetle, but a couple years after I got really into yoyoing when I got a yomega maverick.


The “Klutz Rocket YoYo” + instruction book ;D Still have it today.


i had some cheap duncans when I was a kid, speed beatle, original freehand etc… all long gone…
When i started serious throwing in june, it was a metal drifter… quickly followed by many more…


Same, got it at tractor supply.


First ever (as a kid)? Duncan Butterfly

First since throwing regularly? Duncan Metal Drifter


Duncan Pro-Yo as well. :slight_smile:




Duncan imperial - wood.


My first was a Yomega Brain.


first ever idk what got me started a blue duncan butterfly when i got serious a yomega maverick