your first yoyo


what was your first yoyo not including wooden or dollar storeine was the fireball by yomega.


fast 201


Bumble Bee :smiley:


Mine was a translucent blue Duncan Butterfly oh so long ago.


Mine was a small aluminum freeby from the bank back in '94ish. First brand yo-yo was an imperial style yomega, can’t remember model it was so long ago.


fast 201

(BB) #7

ned yo cosmic spin(super yo renagade)


i played with my dads old brain for a while
the first one that was actually mine was a reflex


Jojoyam Sunset Trajectory


fireball by yomega


freehand 2 the old one not the 2010 edition


Yomega Brain when i was a wee lad


I cant remember the brand or the name because I was too little, but I remember it was modified imperial, had light and was transaxle (I remember it was transaxle because I broke it and I can remember something that look like a transaxle). But the first yoyo I can remember was a Duncan Imperial.


Duncan DragonFly


I know you aren’t counting wooden yoyo’s, but I don’t understand why, so I’m putting it on here anyway. Looping is a part of yoyoing today, and you can loop with a wooden yoyo, so there is no reason to leave them out. My official first yoyo was a SpitFire. Still have it after about 20 years, and I still throw it occasionally. My first plastic was probably a yomega Raider or Fireball.


Duncan Freehand 2.


mine was actually 2. Both yomega. One was an x-brain, and the other a firestorm. I got them when Mcdonalds was giving out yomegas about 10 years ago ;D


Mine was really a novelty in a scetchers shoe box… But my dad broke it and bought me a dragonfly… Googled yoyo tutorials and found Andre’s videos…


fast 201 ;D


ned yo