What was your first throw?

Hello just wondering what was your first throw? mine was a duncan bumblebee that i got in the fourth grade… now i am in 8th and i love to yo’! ;D

Yomega Brain

Duncan wheels! And a broken saber raider later that day

yomega brain

Ja-Ru imperial clone… Then a Duncan Imperial I learned off of.

A Duncan Butterfly. I used it to learn split the atom., took forever.

My first ever was a Russell Coke yoyo … it was the best looper ever!!!

A promotional orea cookie yoyo. I thought I could eat it when I was like 5. but that’s what I learned all the basic throws and tricks on.

A duncan butterfly.

A Duncan Limelight. Could only do gravity pull and forward pass.

duncan butterfly.

an antique duncan jewel. i learned a ton of tricks with it

Spintastics Tigershark with a supposed teflon coated bearing (what we know call shields on the bearing where teflon discs).


Profly with a knot around the axle.

Depends. Seriously.

If you mean FIRST EVER, then it was a wood Duncan Imperial circa Christmas 1978.

If you mean my FIRST ONE when I chose to pick this up in May of 2011, it’s almost a Tie. Duncan Reflex and Duncan Imperial. The Reflex was the first one taken off the shelf peg and removed from the packaging, but the Imperial was bought at the same time.

If you mean my first MODERN yoyo, then I’d have to say the DM2. As far as I’d like to say, this is what I consider my first REAL yoyo.

My first yoyo ever was some clutch yoyo. A few years back. My first REAL yoyo was an orange YYF Northstar. I still have it, even though its spacers are messed up beyond repair. It was given to me and I learned to bind on it, and now I use one daily. Too bad it isn’t like my first one(orange) though.

Yomaga Fireball back in 1998

A 1 in 10 peak jk a henrys lizard huh seems like it eas just yesterday

Duncan metal zero