Your First Throw?


Who remembers their first throw? Post it here.
My first yoyo was the old YoyoFactory One


YYJ Dragon Jam, still have it :slight_smile:


I actually modded my one so it’s unresponsive


Mine was a Duncan Mosquito.


First one I remember was a Duncan Firewheel, then some Coke “Spinners” from the late 80’s promotion (still got those). After that I didn’t play again until 1996 when I picked up a black fireball, then a Team Losi Da Bomb and it’s all downhill from there.


I had two, actually. FAST 201 (red) and plastic Grind Machine (blue). Still have both. 8)

(major_seventh) #7

Butterfly when I was 8.

Still have it.


The first yoyo that made me pursue the hobby was one of those Fast 2.0.1.'s. The Dark Magic was the one I started learning on. Then the DV888 was my first metal.

I had cheap Duncan and Yomegas growing up though.


Duncan Proyo. Still have it, but one of the caps is missing. Wear and tear.


Duncan Butterfly. Got it in my Easter basket at 5 years old.


Duncan Dragonfly


Some sort of Bandai Super Yoyo. I’m pretty sure it looked something along the lines of this


probably a duncan imperial or butterfly when i was a kid


an imperial shaped absolutely terrible yoyo


My first YoYo was a Ned glo yo. But my first bearing YoYo was the whip… Still have it to this day… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


A Duncan imperial duh! ;D


First real throw was a red USA-made Duncan Imperials…spent my hard-earned $5 when I went to the mall. Originally was going to get the Yomega Brain as I had seen that one sleep. I quickly learned that I can also make the Imperial sleep when I was testing it out in the mall.

First decent modern throw that got me back into yoyoing was the Duncan FH2 (2010 revamp).


Duncan Dragon? ;D


My first was a Duncan butterfly, my first bearing yoyo was a dark magic 2 Haha, but I got through the tutorials with that one yoyo


My very first yoyo was a cheap wooden one, no brand. I got it from my parents when I was 5 or so. When the yoyo boom hit in the mid 90’s, I had a Yomega Firestorm Wing.

My first real yoyo though after getting into the hobby properly was a Yomega Maverick, which I used to learn the basics, and I quickly moved on to a Dark Magic 2.