your first yoyo

Red Duncan Imperial.

      keep spinning


One of those Coca-Cola ones, back in the 80’s. They were huge in the UK…

I had a duncan butterfly and neo yoyo a long time ago, but I can’t remember which came first. First “real” yoyo was a mosquito, though.

Some generic imperial (not Duncan) that I found lying around. It might have been one of my cousins that they throw away. I remember it was pink, and after watching a few Smothers Brothers episodes and seeing the Yo-Yo Man, yoyoing was what i could do.

Ned Yo Boomerang

Black Mamba:

Got this about 12 years ago.

Good times…


will mine is the boomerang

The velocity, 2nd version

Yomega Fireball.

Learned all the way up to Atomic Bomb on it. Booya.

duncan mosquito at wal mart

duncan imperial, and duncan butterfly.

I had my first few throws on a yomega fireball, but the velocity was really my first

haha “Wee lad”
yomega gamma brain


duncan mg.

??? What ???

Velocity :slight_smile:


I had my first few throws on a

, but the fireball was really my first