Your first yoyo

I would like to know what your first yoyo was…If this was a topic already, Sorry about that.

My first yoyo was a Duncan Imperial.


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Duncan Imperial whaddup! But my first yoyo that i started doing string tricks was the Steve Brown Love Edition FH.

Duncan Butterfly.

First yoyo= Imperial

Um my Grandpa got me a Duncan imperial and a Duncan butterfly for my 8th birthday. So I had 2 first yoyos. And if it wasn’t for him y’all wouldn’t know me. Haha its good to be back. later.

Keep it spinning™

duncan wheel!

Imperial Duncan Tournament Top.

yomega x brain wing that my bro gave meh

Some free afterschool special commercial thingy that I got at Norway Cup. Then It took me about a week before I ordered my SpeedMaker.

John Higby painted ProYo.

Yomega Fireball!

Duncan Free Hand

I bought it from my friend for $13.

Playmaxx Proyo! That thing was beast!

Mine was the kickside and once i got my hands on it i couldnt put it down

mine was a yomega brain xp. i got it for cristmas but it was broken within an haur i was 10.

really? there was nothing before that, that encouraged you to get the kickside?
my first yoyo was a fixed axle yoyo from a commercial give a way broke in an hour. but my first yoyo that i started string tricks on was the YYF Velocity. Brought me all the way to Expert section and still propelling me forward.

my first was one that i got from cracker barrel for $5

Black Mamba!