The 'My first throw' thread

Hey guys it’s epicperson again not to ask questions helplessly but…to ask you guys what your first throw was. Reply here and look what other people’s first throws have been!

My first throw was a Duncan butterfly.

Yomega brain

Yoyofactory Velocity when I first got seriously into throwing but before that I believe I had thrown a duncan butterfly when I was much littler

Bought a Duncan Butterfly for $1 and threw it on the way out to the car, and immediately went and bought the Speed Beetle/ Pro-Yo combo pack


Jennifer Baybrook special edition Yomega Raider! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then after a yoyo not even worth naming that I had for a week

I got a pink YYJ Kickside.

Bought my first yoyo (Duncan Imperial) in 1972 ;D Following week I bought one of the Duncan Velvet imperials because they just came out.

A free yoyo from a bank

When I was 5 I wouldn’t leave the store until my Mum bought me a Duncan Firewheel so that would technically be my first. After that some Coke Russells during the “Spinner” promotion and eventually my first transaxle which was a Yomega Fireball. First bearing yo-yo was a Team Losi Da Bomb, I remember stalking the only online store at the time until the Da Bomb was released.

Fun fact - I used to work with the guy who built Jennifer Baybrook’s website in the mid 90’s (they went to school together) and he was the reason I got into yo-yoing - my ever first contest was Jennifer’s contest in St Albans VT where I met a very young Dana Bennett who eventually went on to be 5A World champ.

A yellow and white Duncan Butterfly. It would have been in the late 60s. Then I didn’t throw for over 40 years. I recently restarted with a YYF Velocity.

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first yoyo was a Duncan (Imperial i assume) somewhere around 1964 - 65. that was like precious gold. Back then if you could do a sleeper, walk the dog, and rock the baby, you were a yoyo god. i could do a sleeper (sometimes).

had a few promotional give away yo-yos through out the years but didn’t do much more than up and down (or down and up) with an occasional around the world.

in 2011 i bought a YYF Velocity and started watching you tube videos and learning the tricks of yesterday as well as some of the more modern tricks (took me a month before i could consistently do a trapeze). wasn’t consistent until around this time last year. i went from one yoyo to about 20 yo-yos in one year (and have a shipment for 4 more coming today). now a little further along but can’t do the crazy stuff like the kids on youtube.

When I was really little I had a blue Yomega Brain, and then for string tricks I got a Yomega Xodus II that I used until I was about 9 or 10 and then lost interest (and my yoyo) because I couldn’t understand how they did a front mount on the Yomega Mania DVD. It frustrated me to no end haha

Just got back into it a year ago, and found my Brain and a Fireball and a Raider, but couldn’t find my Xodus II, kinda bummed about that. My first yoyo a year ago was a Yomega Maverick.

My first throw was a black with red rims yomega xodus2. I only stuck with yomegas for like 5 months until I discovered yoyoexpert and purchased my first advanced playing yoyo, a Yoyofactory DNA. Fast forward 2.5 years and I have too many throws to name off the top of my head.

YYF Fast 201

Yomega Brain in translucent blue, a really nice colorway. I still have it.

and orange yomega dash… i still have it it is my pride and joy

Yomega brain

The first one I can remember is a blue Duncan Butterfly, but I might have had an Imperial or something before that.

My first transaxle yo-yo was a Duncan Ballistic in 2005. That thing is neither fish no fowl, and not much good for anything IMO. Sleeps too easily for good looping, too narrow for 1A - it was very frustrating.