What was your VERY FIRST Yo-Yo and WHAT YEAR did you start Throwing?

As the Title says! What was your very first throw and when did you start? 8)

Yomega Fireball, about mid 2014 i started.

2010 with a yomega dash… modded the dash and now i play with it today.

1998 with a yomega firestorm wing

Plastic butterfly from Dollar Store in '98.

1988 - Smothers Brothers - YoYo Man Hummingbird

I started with a FAST 201 in May 2013.

I got probably some random duncan buterflys as a 5-10 years ago but never really got into it. First yoyo I can clearly remember is the Dark magic II which I still have today. Started using that maybe 5 years ago, forgot about it, then just got into it a little over a year ago with the dmII.

an imperial i think in like the 1500s lol… right about in between 2010 and 11

a trick assasin in 2012

It was a cheap X brain copy, then I got a real brain and was king of the playground 8) .

That must of been around 99-2000, I was still in junior school, stopped at 11 as the craze died out.

Picked up a yoyo again yesterday! A lot has changed in 15 years.

YYF One, February 2014*.

Yomega fireball 98

Blue Yomega Brain 1998, I still have it. This kid at school had a red one he let me play with and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Soon after I put some play time on it, I realized the Brain was far from the coolest thing ever, lol.

Duncan Butterfly 1960. Just to keep it all in perspective: I stopped throwing for about 5 decades.

1998 Yomega Fireball and had a Duncan imperial sometime before but don’t remember it.

2013 OD Dingo

My first was a red yomega xodus 2 back in early 2012

january 2014, Duncan mosquito

My first yoyo was a Duncan imperial and I started throwing in 2010 but I took like a 1 and a half year break and started to throw again with a yomega maverick

1990’s Rice Crispies Duncan Imperial and Early 90’s. Thanks to everyone who participated.