What is your very first yoyo?


Do you remember the very first yoyo you ever had? (Post-it)

Mine is the Duncan pro-fly (my mom had to put dozens of knots on the bearing so it could not sleep because I couldn’t make it respond)


Duncan Mosquito


Duncan Butterfly.

First unresponsive AKA second yoyo Plastic Grind machine…


I bought like 2 at the same time (Duncan: Dragonfly and Throw Monkey) The Throw Monkey was my favorite and kindda got me into the basics of things like understanding the sleeper, response rock the baby, not yet braintwister or trapeze at that age which is actually hard on a responsive yoyo when i first learned it alot of bruised knuckles :stuck_out_tongue:

My first ‘true’ unresponsive yoyo is the Dark Magic II which is still amazing! Recommend to those going to the intermediate stage and learning how to play unresponsive


First yoyo was from a party favor at my friends 3rd grade bday. A Marvel Spiderman throw.


Well of course all of the free give away ones and garage sale ones and butterflys and imperials, but my first real sleeping yoyo was a fireball.


A fireball… I still have it :slight_smile: i saw a shelf full ofyoyos at toys r us and i saw priceswere inthe 10s and 20s and i was like DANG, $25 FOR A YOYO??? THATS CRAZY… But i wanted one and the cheapest one on therack wasthe fireball soi asked my mom if i could get it, shethought it was expensive too :smiley: but she got it… And now i have a chief ;D

My first unresponsive yoyo(3rd yoyo) was the ONE, which my friend gave to me…

My first high end yoyo(6th yoyo) was a MarkMont Next, given to me by our veryown YoRed ;D

Ahh… Memories :slight_smile:


An old wooden fixed axel, first unresponsive is yyf stackless pgm


I really wish I knew. :’(

My first Metal was the Yomega Dash, never really liked it that much.


Duncan butterfly was my first.


Spintastics Spin Wizard, got it from Dik Stohr, I was maybe 8 or 9.


My first unresponsive was a YYF BOSS. So inspired by Augie.

  1. Duncan Imperial
  2. Fast 201
  3. Raider/ Dark Magic
  4. Maverick
  5. POPstar
  6. Yomega Dash
    And finally, my first good yoyos…

YYF Whip!

Then like 30 more…


The dark magic is good :o


I know but i didnt have a bearing :stuck_out_tongue:


Why did you get ayoyo without a bearing ??? Andif you could afford the others yoou should be able to get a bearing :smiley:


YYJ Lyn Fury.


Thats a nice first yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: but then againi have heard of people starting out with a high end metal so…


The Fireball man! Transaxels were dope at the time. I still take it for a spin (pun city) every once in a while and do 1A. ;D


First actual yoyo was the duncan speed beetle that I got from toys r us.
But the first yoyo that got me into the whole thing was the older yomega maverick.