your first yoyo

tell me about your first yoyo. Mine was a D.A.R.E yoyo. it didnt even sleep. unless i modded it and it sleep for 2 seconds Was your yoyo bad like mine

Mine plays great. A john higby, yoyoshow Proyo, slept like 15-20 seconds. Great for begginers!

my first yoyo has a story i was going to a resturaunt and i saw one of my friends leaving he offered me this small yoyo from sonic the fast food place it was the first yoyo i learned to throw down and bring it back up then i got a yomega power brain n i started to learn tricks…they both sucked

Mine has a little story too.

I was at church and my oldest boy said that there was a kid there they called yoyo. This kid ends up giving my oldest son a yoyo and got him into it. This kid ended up getting on Team Buzz-On.
Then one day (my birthday) my son told him what day it was and he came over to me and gave me one of his Team yoyo’s. It was an Element-X recess Remix. Coolest yoyo I had ever seen.
The rest is history.

Thank you Adam Brewster!!!

Yeah, story for mine:

A yoyo guy came to our school in 1st grade, and was selling yoyo’s. It was a huge thing, and they were like up to $15. So, I bought a Triple Play, and learned with that.

Well, one day, when I was maybe in 4th grade, one of my friends came to school with a yo-yo. It didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen, and he said it was called a “butterfly”. When he threw it down, the sleep times were AMAZING! It was down there for like 10 or 20 seconds! After that I realized that I HAD to go to Mitchells. I went, and got this white butterfly I don’t think it had a bearing. I learned braintwister mount and Trapeze (Bind way). I think that’s as far as I got though. Then, I got a Lyn Fury at the only time I ever went to Mitchells yoyoclub. I had some trouble winding it up. I wonder why. It had a bearing, so I learned that and even got a little trickbook. I don’t think that really got me much further. I also believe that I bought a Flying Panda for Offstring. I got as far as the throw and bringing it back. (It wasn’t really a bind it was a weird thing I did where I just let it go and tugged it.) After that, I slowly began to stop. I lost half of those yo-yos when we went on vacation, or sometime in the time that I moved. Then, I stopped altogether. I was done. Now we’ll skip ahead to Spring of 7th grade. I was at a resturant after school at a fundraiser for my pool. I saw a bunch of my friends that I hadn’t seen since summer. I saw one kid with a yoyo in his hand sitting down, just kind of turning it around in his hand. I didn’t really pay much attention until he started going all crazy with the tricks! I remembered my yo-yoing from 4th grade and wished I hadn’t stopped. I went to yoyojoes in the next few days and bought a YoyoJam Kickside. Now, I’ve been yoyoing about 4 months and I’m not planning to stop any time soon!

I had a friend get me into yoyoing.we were at school and he pulled out a duncan butterfly, it didn’t even sleep. before this i hadnt played with a yoyo. it got to be alot of fun. so then i bought one at my local grocery store, it was the same Duncan butterfly. when i first started i rushed into things and i thought after i could throw a sleeper that was more like a stall i thought i was ready for an all metal yoyo. so i went online to and ordered a yomega mettallic missile for 40 dollars. this yo was hardly any better than the butterfly. needless to say i put some thought into my next throw and it was a dm

Mine was a Proyo that I coulnd’t get to sleep when I was 2 years old. Never saw it again.

Mine is a SUPER long story! :o

I went t Wal-Fart, and got a Duncan Mosquito.

Ummm… John Narum went to my school.

End of story.

mine is long lets see if you finish

my mom bought me an imperial from rite aid

My first yoyo was a proyo 2…during the last boom when az actually had a yoyo scene…from there ended up having like 15 yoyos half of them being proyos haha

My first yoyo was a Lyn Fury. People in my school started yoyoing and I got interested, so I asked my friend to get me a yoyo.

Just out of curiousity, how many yoyos do you own yoyodudue888?

My Yomega X Brain which I just gave to gerawd this saturday at the DXL meeting.

YYJ Kickside

mine a wooden smothers brothers hummingbird. then I got a hold of a glow in the dark duncan imperial. I quit throwing and then started up hardcore when my son was born. Its amazing how far yoyoing has gotten.

My first yoyo was a Duncan Speed beetle but when I got it I wasn’t into yoyos so somehow it got trashed.

dv888 dm legacy duncan butterfly

my first yoyo was from my grandpa, he used it it was a wooden one, but i lost it. now i have a dark magic. ;D i used to have some old rubber squshy one from a grocery store…