How you got your first yoyo.

This is my story:

         I was in my house and my brother was yoyoing and I went over to my brothers(turtleyo)yoyo case. I did not like yoyos at that time and i seen a yomega fireball. At that time he didn't like the brand yomega so i asked him for it. Of course said no so i kelped asking him and asking him and asking him so finally he got tired of it and he said yes. But with a twist only if i had it in my pocket at the times he checked me.And i had it so that is my first yoyo. What is your story. ;D

Lol, turtleyo is your brother? Anyway, I got my first yoyo somewhere back in 2003. After NED visited our school, I just HAD to get a Duncan Butterfly from Wal-Mart. Of course, I was around 5 at the time, and had no idea how to use it.

In eighth grade, there was a guy in my science class with a fast 201. He showed me a few tricks, and he soon bought a freehand. Since he now had s freehand, he gave me the 201. Pretty cool stuff!

I got my first yoyo 11 years ago back in 2000. I got it in a McDonalds Happy Meal. It was a yomega X-Brain.

my parents friend could do trapeeze and had a v1 tk silver bullet, he used to live in san fran, and he gave me a yoyo. A month ago he gave me his tk no jive!

Very first was a fast 201 i got at toys r us when i was like 6 back in 2003 i believe. I just got it cuz i wanted a new toy so i learned the very basics and quit. Then in 2010 i saw some dude in ralphs doing some string tricks i got my old fast and it started again lol later got a dm2.

A long, long ago, in another time and place far, far away…

I bought a wooden Duncan Imperial and a pack of 5 strings for about 25 cents at the grocery store. :wink:

How old are you!? That was somewhere in the 1960s!

Actually it was in the 1950’s. So yeah, I’m a bit long in the tooth, so to speak. :wink:

I’ve had many yoyos over the course of my life… It’s one of my families favorite toys, but I am the first one to persue real trick… Anyway my first yoyo that got me started was a novelty that came in a shoe box… Very comparable to a firedog… While trying to figure out why it couldn’t sleep, my dad tried to open it… Turns out it wasn’t an openable design…

I was like 3 and it was a red imperial. I accidentally put it through the glass table and it was thrown away(So I believe).

6th grade yomega came to our school and did their show. After that I saved for days to get a duncan bumblebee. It was 30$ back then and seemed like it was top of the line. I never got further than split the atom and lost interest. Almost 12 years later I found that old bee and started again.

7th Grade
Nuff said’.

I cant remember specific details, but i remember getting one while i was in boy scouts. We did a troop trip to “battleship cove” and i remember getting a yoyo from the little souvenir shop.

More recently…I purchased a YYF One and a DM2 from YYE.


I received a cheapy yoyo from a friend and I wondered why it wouldn’t sleep. After tons of research and hours of conversing on the phone, I got my starlite which i ordered from a friend :smiley:

Back in the day in elementary around 94 or so. A yoyo guy performed and they sold
a standard butterfly shaped fixed axle, a Fireball, and Brain.
My mom at the time bought me the cheapest, so I had the butterfly throw
they called “Cruiser”.
In modern throws, about two years ago, I was debating whether or not to
buy these new throws that were unresponsive after seeing a couple worlds vids
on youtube. A night came when I had some drinks wink and bought a YYJ Legacy
on the act of impulse. The day after, I saw I made a purchase and thought it
was a mistake and figured I would return it as soon as the package arrived.
Package came a couple days and I figured after opening up the box seeing
the awesome bright yoyo, I’d give it a try. Haven’t looked back ever since.

actually it’s a funny story (or not, who cares?)

my son and my wife went to Japan to see her family, while there, they saw a yoyo demonstration on TV so he asked for a yoyo, so she went and bought him a bandai hyper yoyo (the rebranded FAST 201 ones).

when they got home he showed me the throw, tried it, failed (wrong throw) and forgot about it, so was my son.

a few months later, on another forum (about cars), some guy posts his FS from some competition, I was amazed, I instantly looked up for tutorials and my son’s throw. got started.

My dad bought me a butterfly for no reason and about 4 years later i looked all over thoe house cause i was really bored and found it under my bed and went on youtube. But about NED he went to my cusins school and i didnt have school that day so i went(i had been yoyoing a little over a year and afterward i happened to have my pro and taught the ned lady some tricks.

My dad got me one for christmas, put it down and never thought about it, found a trick book at the library that they had thrown away, picked up the book, ran home, got my Duncan Mosquito, the rest is history. That was 3 years ago… The good old days… ;D

My first yo-yo? Last christmas I got a little toy one, (Kinda like a yomega brain, but offbrand) at a Church service, all the kids got gifts. I took it home and played with it. Eventually I got sick of it coming back up to me automatically so I tried to make it stop, i accidently dropped it while trying to fix it, and wanted to see if it still worked. It slept! I played with it, eventually while trying to loop (even though I didn’t know what I was doing) I hit it on my wall, R.I.P. my first yoyo… Later on, since i was having so much fun with it, I made my mom take me to toys r us to see if they would have anything like it… That’s where i got my metal drifter. While trying 5a (with the directions from the duncan website) i dropped it on my deck and put a HUMONGOUS dent in it… R.I.P my metal drifter. Eventually I found yoyo expert and I used my birthday money to get my G5. Since then I have gotten a peak, sasquatch and a 4xl. Thank “Santa”.