What got you started?

Just like the title says, how’d you get started yoyoing and with what yoyo. My answer is through YouTube and maverick.

A guy (now a good friend) at the local movie theater was playing with the toy and really impressed me and I ended up getting my first (and second) yoyo through him, 1st was a GenYo majesty, he told me to talk to Ernie and then I located a majesty, 2nd he picked up a spare rally and sold me one.

Since then its been down hill and become an obsession.

I saw a vid of Suzuki winning worlds like 7 years ago. Drove 45 minutes the next day to buy a fhz.
I remember thinking how nuts I was to spend that much on a yoyo. Lol

I was searching for a song called “Stronger” then I saw this video pop up. “Stronger Yoyo” by Grant Johnson. For me I was like “huh, what could this be?” I clicked it and I was amazed. The next day I went to Big 5 and picked up a Duncan Throw Monkey. And Two years later, boom. Here I am.

Now and then I used to throw an old Russell Coke promotional yoyo (the really old ones with the fixed wooden axle) I could never do any tricks (not even sleeper) but it busied me when I was bored sometimes. Then the string broke on it, and I figured rather than doing any more damage to this old relic it might just be easier to get a whole new yoyo (both turned out to be quite difficult).

A few months later stumbled across a skill toy booth at Oz Comic-Con and picked up a Henry’s Lizard, and for the first time in my life I could sleep a yoyo. As soon as I got home I started looking up how to do tricks and I was hooked, only to discover now yoyos have ball bearings and such. Within weeks I’d outgrown the Lizard so I got the ball bearing upgrade, which I then outgrew in another few weeks, so then I ordered a DM2, and went on from there.

My Best Friend Got me started with a Yoyofactory velocity about 2 years ago and ive been throwig ever since ;D ;D ;D

Saw yoyo on TV, saw “bigger kids” playing with yoyos at Golden Gate Park(yes, where BAC has been held). This was back in 1977 and BEFORE. Got a Duncan Imperial in winter 1977, either as a Christmas or birthday present. Let’s just say it didn’t go well and 4 months later, the yoyo was taken away after I “broke the string”. I actually broke the string several times, so I re-tied it to the axle several times before I was caught mid-repair.

Fast forward to 2011, May. After a series of very bad injuries due to moving heavy gear around, I had to find something else to do and video games(which I have) wasn’t it. Portable, light weight, compact and not too expensive were key points(theoretically!). Anyhow, went to the local TRU, got a Reflex and Imperial to get started. 2 weeks later ordered a DM2.

As far as videos that got me started, the YYE videos were key to my choosing YYE for that first yoyo order. I like “one stop shopping”, especially when you can get started: one location for all your needs. For a beginner, it sucks having to go all over the place for support and help.

Same here! I bought a throw monkey after watching that too, and at Big 5. And that was 2 years ago. Creepy

I was bored at work and figured I would get one(Velocity) to pass the time. Had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. Within a month I bought a OD 54. Then saw all these vids online and was dumbfounded (Stronger by Grant Johnson blew me away) then I found Jensens 2010 worlds vid and have been throwing like a mad man ever since. What a wonderful toy! :wink:

Last Christmas my mom got me a Duncan Mosquito in my stocking. I started messing around with it and learned about the ball bearing inside. I started doing research on when that started, then I realized that I’d have to do some yoyo maintenance to keep it going. That took me to Yoyoexpert where I started learning tricks and posting on the forums. Pretty soon I bought my FHZ and DMII and really got started.

My dad showed me how to throw responsive, basically just a sleeper, walk the dog, and rock the baby or whatever other names it goes by. That was around 7th grade. I really took to it, and I figured out how to loop on my own. I took it in to school a few times and actually kind of started a little fad for a bit. Then I only threw for a few minutes here and there over the course of years.

…then about a year ago, I decided on a whim just to see what “expensive” yoyos looked like, or if there even were any, though I strongly suspected there were. Found YYE and YYN, and there was this whole new world of unresponsive stuff costing way in the hundreds and I was really intrigued by that. After a week or two of looking around, I went ahead and bought a Spyy Addiction.

…which is fitting, because that’s what it became.

Your first yoyo was a majesty!?!?!?

For me it was a trip to Barnes and Nobles, I would always pass by the hobby kit section and I would see a “How to Yo-Yo” kit. It always interested me, but I never really had the money to buy it, or I would just forget about it and buy something else. Until finally I had the money and bought it. The yo-yo’s it came with were underwhelming (basically dollar store looper yo-yo’s) but I was able to do a couple of tricks with them using the trick book it came with, until I came across a certain trick (not sure which one it was, it was a beginner trick of course) and I had to look online for help, where of course I found Andre’s tutorials. However the only somewhat decent yo-yo I had was a Yomega X-brain (which did a bit more than the dollar looper yo-yo’s, I believe I learned more than half the beginners sections with that one) that I bought years a go. So after a couple of days I had to upgrade since the next trick I was gonna learn needed a more modern yo-yo. That is when I went to a hobby store like 30 minutes away that had a collection of yo-yo’s slightly better than what you would find at Wal-mart or Toys R’ Us. And that was where I bought my first ball bearing yo-yo: a Duncan Freehand 2. From there, it is history. :wink:

Dave Schulte. Need I say more?

I admired this kid I went to school with who was really quite good (did talent shows throughout middle and high school, doing 1a, 2a, 4a, 5a). Finally bought my first yoyo a couple years ago (maverick) and played around for not very long. Came back a few months ago and really started getting into it. My first purchase was an alpha crash and I got hooked. Slowly working through the tricks here.

Bought my 6 year old a yoyo at a restuarant and when I tried to show her how to walk the dog/rock the baby it wouldn’t sleep. I had yoyoed just enough as a child to know a few basic tricks.

After a few hours of unimpressing my daughter since I couldn’t get the cheap plastic to sleep the string finally snapped from the rigid axle mount. That’s when I discovered the wide range of yoyos and videos throughout the web.

My house had multiple yoyos for both my children and me within days of the broken string.

Absolutely :slight_smile: and my second was the Rally! Then I jumped in and bought 20 more yoyos since then.

Found my dad’s Russell Professional during spring cleaning, and got hooked. Got a Duncan Profly and many more yoyos after that.

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When I was 7 or 8, Dik Stohr came to my school, so I bought a Spintastics Spin Wizard. I could only do a few tricks (double or nothing and loops were as much as I could figure out on my own) but I got tired of it and put it down.
Summer of last year (I was 15, 16 now), at an engineering internship I had, a friend of mine had a YYF PGM, and did some pretty cool tricks, and he showed me some videos on YT (mostly Ann Connolly and Jensen, I think maybe Tyler as well) and I got hooked. I bought a YYF Whip as my first unresponsive, because I was already familiar with responsive play from when I was younger, I hadn’t forgotten anything. The Whip isn’t the best yoyo, but it was more than sufficient for pretty much any trick. Then I got better and bought more yoyos, and here I am today.

Around 9 or 10 years old me and my friends went to a yoyo people show. I was so intrigued i stuck with it.