what got you started?

Just wondering how everyone got into the addiction
i know i bought a Duncan butterfly from Albertson’s one day and it had trick cd in it with all the pros doing tricks (back when Steve brown played for Duncan and just before he created freehand) then i bought Steve brown`s how to be a player VHS and it all started.

First, I started with a NedYo Boomerang because some guy named Ned came to our school for some sort of reward presentation. So he got me interested, and I bought one of the yoyo’s they were selling. I soon dropped that yoyo and moved on. Next, a few years later I was walking in the toy section of CVS and I saw a yoyo (the Duncan imperial and the butterfly) and it all came back to me so I decided to get back into this great hobby. Then after a while, I decided to bump it up a notch, and that’s when I bought 2 YoyoFactory One’s from YoyoNation. (I still have both today). Then sooner I started getting more and more in, so I took off the training wheels. (responsiveness) and went to unresponsive. Then I got a Starlite and a GM for Christmas. And then I continued on from there…

I was planning a lesson for year 11 or something and needed to do a bit of research on WW2 Germany. So naturally, I went on youtube XD. Anyway, a dozen or so ‘related’ videos later, I found a video labeled ‘yoyo god’. It was a video of Mickey’s 2006 Worlds freestyle. Blew my mind (still does) and the rest is history.


My mum bought me a yoyo for christmas (I was 22 :)), then I found YYE and went from there.

I got a Yomega raider (with rpm counter thingy in it…) for christmas.

Played that a bit, got a few more yomega throws and then quit cuz i was broke and all of my yoyos were broken… D’X

Anyways i saw a yyf promo vid online a year or two after and bought a PGM and a 44.
Broke both of those and then quit again.

Now i just got back in again and bought a c3 Capless and a CLYW Avalanche…

(both i will soon be selling lol)

Now im waiting for a 7075 chief in thye mail and i want to get a summit…

And that, my friends, is how the cookie crumbles…

My friends at the Pool!

i saw a bunch of yomegas in a store for $20 and thought, why the heck do they cost so much?
i thought they were high quality and high performance yoyos, so i bought one - a red Raider.
soon to stumble upon YYE to learn tricks, and found my raider to be obsolete compared to newer yoyos.
and from there, the addiction and desire grew!

I was Christmas shopping at Toys R Us for my son, and saw all the Duncans, Yomegas, and YYF’s. I bought him a Pulse the year before, and we thought that it was the coolest thing. So, I got him a Metal Drifter and Velocity.

My boy was so into a couple of his other toys that he wasn’t playing with the yoyos. So I decided to give those yoyo’s a little love. After that, I almost spent the whole weekend trying to figure out why the Metal Drifter wouldn’t come back up every time. Then I seen the light: YoyoExpert.com. Everything started making sense after that.

Soon, I was surprised to find that I was throwing Sleepers the wrong way (my palm was facing down the whole time), that the loop goes around your middle finger, and that it’s easier to create a slip knot instead of using the loop that’s already tied. Once I understood the basics, I was hooked. :slight_smile:

Hurt my back after a show, realized I needed a hobby that didn’t involve moving a 400 pound console and 2.5 tons of other equipment for concerts(I’m a live sound production company).

I figured yoyo would be fun, lightweight, portable and cheap. 3 our of 4 ain’t bad. Turned out to not be so cheap!

That one day when I clicked on a Youtube video randomly. I can’t even remember who it was in the video, but I started watching more videos and I then came to Yoyoexpert. Lyn Fury.

Stumbled upon a video of Mickey doing his thing and thought “holy crap! I wanna do that!”
I had no idea yoyos had evolved beyond the bloopers of yesteryear. The rest, as the say, is history

This was what my first impression was too. I had no idea that yo-yo’s were anything beyond a little toy you throw up and down.

In 4th grade my friend brought yoyos to school and he gave me a blue butterfly. We yoyoed under our desks and walked the dog. Them I got a Duncan mosquito and we mixed and matched the sides and loved them. Then I was like, there has to be more yoyos somewhere. And I searched online yoyo store and the first one was yoyoexpert. Bought some string. Then ran into a new yoyo store, literally brand new yoyo store. What a coincidence. And bought a Grind Machine, of course in awe over the hub stacks. And then remembering yoyoexpert, I bought a genesis, and had it shipped to my grandmas house cuz I was stayin with them. And also got some black z stacks to put on it and I thought I was the crap. I was like, HEY GUYS! I got z stacks!!!
Later got better and got a yyn edition purple black fade 54. OF ANY OF YOU HAVE ONE I WANT IT SOOO BAD, I miss mine. Anyway, I quit for a while. And then got back into and got a bunch of clyw, then quit and got back into and now I’m hear, in 6th grade. I have been yoyoing on and off for year, 3 and half years on and off, so basically yoyoing for a year.

Marcus kohs worlds freestyle.

Mitch Hedberg

My friends found a yoyo at our school hidden away in a janitor closet. We are all in our technical theater school group so we can go in places like that. Then they all got yoyos and I finally one of my directors got us all Duncan butterflys. and then a few weeks later I picked up a yyf ONE for my brother for his birthday then I played with it was like hey this is fun so I got another for myself and went from there and haven’t gone much long without yoyoing a good year and three or four months ago.

someone gave away a yomega yo zone vhs in a school free pile. I watched it and thought it was cool, so i bought a brain.

hmmm my friendd started by getting a random butterfly as a joke at the store then started to think he was cool doing walk the dog and stuff lol… we were always completive with each other so one day i was fine fine ill do it too … and better then you… we knew nothing about this whole online world until i just came across a yoyo forum… and then … welll the rest is history lol

A kid moved into my school( he is now my best friend) and he yoyoed. He is pretty good and he did a bind and i was like HOLY FREAK!!! then he whent into a and whut. HOLY JOHN!!! And now i yoyo.

I started when i wentto toys r us fir some christmas shopping, saw a shelf full of yoyos decided to get one, the fireball, not long after thati got a ONE and VElocity,i was hooked from there on