How did you start?

How did you get into yoyoing?
Heres my story:

Mine actually started with a diabolo, we did it at school, and then I bought one a week later, another week on, my Diabolo broke, and I went on the web to look for a diabolo, I passed a yoyo, clicked on it, and it had a link to hiroyuki suzuki’s worlds 2007 video on it, this inspired me to start, and I got a Yomega Gamma Brain Wing for my birthday, and it all just went on from there…

Tell me yours!

i started way back when i was 7 years old. my first yo-yo was a Duncan imperial. my grandpa bought it for me for a birthday present and showed me all the tricks he could do with it. well he could do some basic tricks but i was amazed at what you could do so i started practicing on how to throw,forward pas breakaway you know the basics. after about a month my string finely broke and that’s where it left off. 7 years later which wasn’t but 7 months ago i went to a historical museum. there they had a gift shop and where giving away free wooden yoyos. i was the only one who could use it there and some kids wanted me to teach them and i loved it. that’s what started me on my yo-yo journey. guess im lucky 777. later and remember keep it spinning.

I got some cheap yoyo for a dime at a yard sale. :stuck_out_tongue: from there i got a yomega yoyo at a truck stop and by then i was in love with yoyos ;D.

I was inspired by Grant Johnson’s Stronger video.

My friend got a fast 201, about a week later i got one. I didn’t really learn anything good, so i kind of took a break. Then i picked it back up again about 1.5-2 years ago.

In my music school(I’m a violinist) there were two guys that where yo-yoing.As I remember they had god yo-yo jam convict and they were on 2 advanced section(of course I didn’t know it that time).Well I was impressed and that everything for that time.Then my friend had shown me mmm…fast spinstar yoyo.And then I bought my first yo-yo and got started.

I just got one in a trade, do you stll have it?

My grandpa was a California Duncan champion in 1955 and he bought me my first yoyo, a Duncan Imperial, a little over 2 years ago. I played around with it for about a year and then got a Freehand and learned a few other tricks. When I got to go to the National Championships I got really interested. I also learned about other yoyo companies, not just Duncan. I really like YoYoJam now.


Had yo yos as a kid (along time ago) it was an all american i got at tg&y for nearly nothing had a lot of fun with it. I guess i"m just a big kid about 2yrs. ago the kids asked what i wanted for fathers day and i asked for a yo yo you know something they could get that wasnt to pricey, they found a ducan professinal at a five and dime and got it for me. Come to found out it was about 10yrs old so i didnt open it and started looking on the web to see if it might be worth something. Came across several sites and saw how far yo yos had come and got curious, found a video on youtube of mickey at worlds and was amazed at what he could do and got hooked. I now own somewhere around 116 yo yos from the 1920 to present, buy and play almost everyday. Have about 20 i take with me to work every night and am well into string tricks and getting better all the time. Have a little of everything yyj,yyf,duncan,spyy,bio,you name it i have tried it and am trying more all the time cant seem to get enough. I guess i hooked, love all the new stuff and the speed and spin time are awesome.Have to learn all my tricks off video off the net which make it a little difficult at times but Andre at yyj has been quite helpful with info.Always looking for new sites for info and tips well as long as this is youll soon no where i get the name yapper. Thanks

You would have a high trade count if we had a trade secion…

I was in middle school, and I just picked up a Duncan butterfly (I often bought toys because I was easily amused). I played with it for a little bit and got bored. A buddy of mine bought a Brain and so did I and we learned rock the baby and around the world. Then we got Playmaxx Turbo Bumble Bees, they were so cool. Then I forgot about yoyoing for almost 10 years. Recently, at work, a bank was offering some sort of savings plan in our lunch room, and they were giving out prizes, one of which was a cheap brain knock off sporting the bank’s own logo. I played around with it during work, and I got hooked. I bought a Duncan Mosquito, then a Dragonfly, then I learned about YYJ though Andre’s videos and bought a DM. Now I’m hooked, and have a new money pit ;D

a school trend started i thought it was kind of stupid but when i tried one out i just took off and its been about a month and now i am good

great stories guys! keep em coming!

I was in Iraq and picked up a yoyo that someone had sent over in a care package. It was a relaxing diversion to the other stuff. When I got back I found a Proyo and started doing looping tricks. Then did what seems to be a natural progression to yoyojam, and when I learn to bind, Im sure I will go to a little better yoyo (hopefully a Jamboo)

me and a few guys started bringing them to school and now the craze has gone not only to the high school but to middle and elementary as well

our football coach was pissed though LOL

me and blackknight21 are friends. i was the originator. i brought a yomega powerbrain to school one day and started yoing. After a week or so everyone started bring there old yoyos. Then we started buying new ones. Now i sell stings out of my locking and we yo whenever we get a chance!

my mom came back from norfolk virginia one day and she had bought 2 yomega power brains one for me and one for my brother my dad used to yoyo wen he was a kid so he showed me rock the baby around the world and walk the dog eventually my brother lost his and mine broke so i got a duncan metal zero i learned many new tricks and moved from duncan to yoyojam and im still learnin


lol i started during the fast challenge period, i wanted a fast 201. back in 2006. I learnt brain twister and double or nothing from a friend, back in 2007. Then i got a vulto saga from him. Then i lost them both. Then i found it in december 2008 i think. Then i got a hitman on 15 January 2009, and started learning from this site.

I always liked the yoyo since I could talk.

My Dad would always use his yoyo to show me rock the baby and I would always be amazed.

I would toss the yoyo around and almost start crying in frustration.

Then one day, when I was 6 years old, we went to Hawaii and we came across the Hawaii State yoyo contest 1998.

I was going crazy watching all the skill and I begged my dad for a yoyo of my own.

I told him: Dad! If you get me a yoyo like them, I will be good too!

So he got me a hyper russel and I ended up learing how to do the gravity pull :slight_smile:

I was really into it from then on up untill 2002 when my Piano teacher forced me to stop yoyoing, she said it caused my wrist to not be able to sit on the keys as well and I had to stop.

Then in 2003, I went to Lahaina cannery mall in Lahaina Maui and I came across a store that sold many yoyos.

I bought some stuff there, Minimotrixx, and two cool color raiders for 2A.

I got back into it, I quit piano.

From then, I started going to contest. I liked the contest but I was too scared to compete, in 2005, I finally went up on stage at Nationals 2005, and from then on, competing became a normal thing to do.

Its been fun!

I am glad I came across those two places in Hawaii.

If I hadnt been at Hawaii States, I would have never seen better yoyo skill possibly.

And if I hadnt come across the store in Lahaina with all the new yoyos, I would maybe be a Piano prodigy :stuck_out_tongue:

But I dont think I would have liked that. :slight_smile:


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LOL that makes so much sense.

For me, i went to my cousin’s house once. i saw he had a yoyo,(fast 201) he said it had a problem. he went to the store for like an hour, and while he was gone i unscrewed it and saww it was under the bearing. i fixed it and just started playing. when he got back he saw me throwing perfect breakaways and sleepers and he was impressed at the reason that ive never touched a sleeping yoyo. apparently, he bought another fast 201 while at the store, so he let me keep the old one