How did you start?

I was young and very into yoyoing, but was never that good…I started with duncan and thought it was the best thing ever! Then very recently I got a duncan butterfly (Christmas) and all I could almost do was a trapese. Then I got a metal zero and loved it! I started learning advanced tricks! Then I found yoyojam! I loved it! I am now at expert tricks and It is very fun!

That makes a LOT of sense. I can’t see how it didn’t make sense to you!

im a person who like’s cool things/hobbies…
when i was a kid…there is a TV anime series called “Super Yo-Yo”
Then When I see it…one thing in my mind. I WANT TO PLAY Too!.

But My Interest Is Fade For How Many Years (You Know Kids Have Many Extraordinary Imaginations)

CUZ im surfin in the web…
and i say to myself.
what if i watch “yoyo vids” in youtube.
Then When I Saw 'Hiroyuki Suzuki 06 worlds"…AGAIN! i have interest to play yo-yo again.
im so newbie in yoyoing that time (even the play style’s (1A, 2A) i don’t know what it means! hahaha)
BUT there is no Yo-Yo Shops or YYJ, YYF yoyo’s here.

That’s my main problem, =(

I, And My Parents Dont have credit cards.

so now im not a yoyo player but a yoyo fan (cuz no cool yoyo’s like you have in my place) =(

i wish YYJ, YYF, and other leading yoyo brands will sell yoyo’s here!


Two guys in my class told me that they yoyoed when they were like 10 years old, but quit it. So me and those two decided to get “pro” yoyos. And since the best yoyo we had was a hyper russel which I learned walk the dog on. Then we found out that we had to import our yoyos from the US. The hyper russel could sleep for like 10 seconds with my friends throw (mine sucked), so we wanted those pro yoyos that could spin forever (a minute seemed forever).

I got my lime green Speed Maker as my first real yoyo. One of my friends got a Speed Maker as well. And then the best of us three, got an FH0. I consider myself the most dedicated of us three. One of us has fell off, but me and the FH0 guy keep on yoyoing. I got an M1, and he recently spent all his money on the Dif-e IT (yes we got metals before two moths).

Well it was a regular day at my school and at recces there is this kid yoyoing,4 days later there is 5000 speedrs since that one kid had one.I thought it would be boring at first but then this guy learns superman and I just fell in love,I started with a kickside then got my P.G.M.then DNA then m1 then just started to get cheaper ones to build to my collection.

For me bored at work about 8 months ago or so. Work in a call center and was getting sick of juggling between calls since apparently im not aloud to read at work. Buddy brought in a Yoyo started to bind it and do miner tricks. then another friend his roommate at the time got same yoyo just symple Lyn Fury and i started messing around with his. got to the point where i could bind and do a double or nothing. after that had to get one. Bought a Clear free hand zero which is now basically a paperweight. apparently taking out stickers with nothing to replace is a bad idea. still used it though somehow had to wait for string to basically go hard before it would work. needless to say didn’t go through lot of strings for a while. well basically from there continued to look up video’s and practice at work. now 4 of us at the callcenter yoyoing. and 2 more are looking to get one… think pritty soon i can start reading again since managers are not too impressed. since the freehand bought the gm with stack and then current is the Axiom which i love. i was first at work to finally get a all metal so i have a hard time keeping my hands on it but thats life.

Lol, Im almost the same reason as IHateMaTT
WHen I was like 5-7 there was a show call “super-yoyo” then I said wow I better get a yoyo myself
then as time past I stop yoyoing

Than like in 2007 or 2008 there was a new show called “Blazing Teens” so it hooked me up again in yoyoing, I bought some yoyos and did some tricks (yada yada yada)

I really got hooked now then I search on youtube about yoyos then I saw many cool stuff people were doing so I really got hooked

And I bought my 1st yoyo a “dark magic”
then bought another one
then I rested for like3 months then yoyo again (lol) So thats it

There is a place you could buy a yyj or duncan in the Philippines iHateMATT

When i was little my dad got me a yomega powerbrain loved it, played with it but then i moved and lost it. Then almost ten years later i go to work me and my friends talk about old toys like slinky and yoyo’s. We looked them up saw what had happened over the years loved them got some. And now here we are!!!

Before about 4 years I was in toy store and I found fast201 and bought it. I was playing with it but I didn’t know how to do tricks and how to throw it so I stopped. Before about 4 months I found video of Mickey a worlds 2005, it was really amazing then I searched for my fast and found this site when i was looking for some tutorials, after a month I wanted something more so I bought my PGM. Now I’m learnig tricks pretty fast and I’m going to buy some new yoyos.

It started in 3rd grade when my parents got me a dollar yoyo that we pretty good. It could sleep. But it was build poorly and was not reliable. I didn’t have a big interest then and I would throw a sleeper from time to time. Eventually, I stopped yoyoing. Then this year (around March), my friend was talking about this awesome yoyo contest and talking about a great yoyoer that threw a diabolo. (It was actually Hiroyuki Suzuki throwing 4a at the Asia Pacific 2006) I later told him that and we got interested in yoyos. I got motivated to learn 1a and found an old FAST 201 in my house but I probably would not have stuck to yoyoing if it wasn’t for Andre and his videos. (I wouldn’t learn any tricks!) My friend became less and less interested while I became more and more interested. FIN!!! lol


It started in 1st grade. My mom bought me a Bandai Yo-yo that lit up. It was a clutch and I just liked throwing it and making it sleep. My cousin and I had competitions to see who can get there’s to sleep the longest. Then in 3rd grade I picked up my Yomega X-Brain from China and learned Walk the Dog. Eventually the string broke and the yo-yo didn’t work anymore so I threw it in my I don’t care about this toy anymore box.

2 Years later:

My mom went to Longs for stuff. There was a clearance sale full of stuff, and my mom spied a 75 year anniversary Duncan ProYo with a CD. She bought it, brought it home, and told me to get off my lazy butt and start getting a hobby. With that yo-yo I learned one hand looping and walk the dog and all that. I even joined my sixth grade talent show and amazed the kids (no future throwers though :() The ProYo got old and worn after 2007 and I was dissappointed.


My mom went to China to visit my dying grandpa. In January she brought home a Grey Fox by Auldey. She said the Blazing Teens show made a yo-yo boom in China and she thought I might want to be part of it. I accepted and tried looping. So, I tried some tring tricks. First Stop and Go. From there I learned the front mount tricks. Then trapeze tricks. I thought I was ready for competition. Then the idea came to me of watching the WYYC on YOUTUBE and that amazed me. That was when I found tricks online and mastered the Double or Nothing. Then this sight came to me and now, I am mastering complexicated tricks and making friends I can talk to.

~Spin On!


When I was in sixth, my brother had a lacrosse game in Chico, CA. So, we drove 3 hours to Chico in 90 degree weather, aand my brother lost. So we took a little trip around Chico and looking at the sights, and lo and behold, within a store was the National Yo-Yo museum! In the musuem, there was a pretty good yoer that was doing some really impressive counterweight tricks. So right there and then, I bought a Yomega brain. It was pretty awesome, I learned to throw a sleeper in the first half hour and kept practicing it for hours.

Throughout my middle school days, the only brands I ever heard of were Duncan and Yomega, so the only yo-yos I ever bought were the Fireball and Raider. I didn’t play much, kinda on and off since i couldn’t get any better beyond elevator and loop the loop (2 at the most)

Now I’m a freshmen. Before, I still played off and on, but I went to this robotics regional competition in UC Davis, CA and met this kid from another high school that was pretty impressive. He taught me brain twister and recommended me to this site. So during the regional, I mastered brain twister from that high school kid and Andre’s instructional video and when I got home, used my Vietnamese New Years money to get a Dark Magic. So here I am doing thumb grinds (god I love em)

me and my friend have the same sense of humour and i decided to get him a cheap yoyo for christmas 2008 which cost me about £2.50.i also got myself one. we both started playing with these and my friend really got hooked and bought a henry Cobra. he started to learn some tricks on this and then bought me one for my birthday. that then sparked off a whole new era, he went and bought a DM and i bought a legacy because he was better than me. i have recently bought a x-convict and am now learning advanced 2 tricks. happy days

thats me! haha! this is pretty much how i got into yoyoing! nice story lol!