how did you start yoing?


like the topic says how did you start yoing? I started when I kept seeing yoers everywhere and where I live there’s this farmers market and it looked cool so I got my F.A.S.T. 201 and started yoing. now howdid you start yoing?

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #2

A few months ago I went to this little toy store and found a Yomega Lightbeam there and from there I was hooked!


YOMEGA that i found at a hallmark store so i bought it bc it looked cool and BAM

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Echo got me into it and started with a pgm and now i love yoyoing ;D


I saw a friend yoyoing and thought it would be cool to try.


John Narum went to my school and i saw a yoyo and asked my mom if she would get me 1… that was 2 years ago but i restarted when i saw it on a TV show Called Time Warp and other places


I saw that time warp… when he lights the match while looping :smiley:


I was thinking back to when I was a little kid and got a sudden urge to play again.


started yoyoing in 8th grade not sure why 7 years later and i still have’n stopped!


I started yoyoing on March 12th, 2008. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]


Its how, not when, lolz.


I got a yo-yo from school and one day when I was bored, I just started yo-yoing. From there, I was hooked.


It must have been around ten years ago now.

A good friend of mine was working at a place called FunFX in our neighbor city of Mishawaka, Indiana. The place is still there, and to describe it would be next to impossible. Think special effects and makeup store, meets novelty items, meets magic tricks and supplies, meets t-shirt printing shop, meets costume store, you get the idea. If it’s neat, and you’d want it, they sell it.

Anyhoo, Damon was working there as an apprentice to Vic (the store’s owner, to this day) working with makeup special effects, so I finally got up the urge one day to go in and visit. So, I’m in there admiring the almost ridiculous amount of neat stuff this store sells, and finally run into Damon. We chitchat for a moment, and then I notice a fair amount of the store’s employees grouped together at a big counter on one side of the store. I ask D what the deal is, and he tells me to go have a look.

Apparently, when all this took place it was during the “upswing” of the yoyo craze, and the owner had dedicated a part of the store to selling yoyos and the myriad of jazz that goes with them, wedged right in between a giant rack of costumes and a bin full of fake dog poo. The employees were over there playing with them, and having a field day. I go, introduce myself, and before I can start asking questions I’m being shown the latest toys and tricks of the trade. One of the employees, a rather attractive redhead IIRC (and I do), had even incorporated yoyo tricks and narrative in her clown performance she did for children via the store. She was really good, and did things with a yoyo I still can’t do to this day. (Which isn’t saying much, sadly.)

At any rate, I spend a ton of dough in there over the course of a year or two buying yoyos, made a ton of friends both inside the store and out, and never even got my trapeze down before calling it quits. :-[

Sadly, FunFX got out of yoyos entirely a number of years ago, when apparently the craze had died down. Here’s hoping it gets big again so I can have my local yo spot back.

My first yo, which I bought that first day in the store, was a ProYo Turbo Bee, back when Playmaxx was still the parent company.

Of course, I’ve recently decided to give it a whirl again, this time for keeps. :wink:


i found my old yomega firestorm… i sucked


In singapore, the only yoyo you could buy was a fast 201.

It started off in 2006 somewhere when yohan came to singapore to advertise for the fast, i saw the add, i asked my mother to buy me a fast and then i got hooked.

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on the ground i found a duncan butterfly and loved it but sadly it broke so i got a profire now i have flying squirrel


A long time ago, when I was in 5th grade my friend came over, and had a Duncan Butterfly. I played with it and got hooked, so I got a Speed Beetle and tried to learn tricks with it. Obviously, I started doing it less and less, until I quit altogether.

In 6th grade, we had something called “Science Camp.” Its where all of the 6th graders go to a place called Pathfinder Ranch located in the mountains, and we stay there for 5 days. One of the camp leaders was named Foghorn, and he yoyoed very well. So, reminicing about my 5th grade times, I decided to pick up another yoyo, after Science Camp.

As a result, I got another Duncan Speed Beetle. Very soon though, I knew it was horrrible for string tricks so I got my parents to get me a YYJ Kickside as I promoted from elementary school. Soon, I got my other friends into it. We all had YYJ plastics, but then later on, they bought more yoyos. Justin got a vict, and Jason got an Aquarius. Cause they felt bad for me, they lied to me and said, “Samad, can we borrow $10, we need to buy our friend a B-Day present” So I gave them the money. As I said, they tricked me and gave me a Dorothy bearing instead.

Later on, during the summer, I began saving up for a DM, and after 2 months, I bought one. I used that DM, and got decently good.

Then, thanks to André’s chat night, I won a Legacy.

A couple months later, I went to my first contest, and bought my first metal, the Green YoYoFactory G5. Also, thanks to André, I won a Jamboo, but I traded it for a M1, which is on the way to my house.

I love this hobby :slight_smile:


My mom bought me my first light up yoyo that only slept 10 years ago . I was hooked on it but got bored of it.

Another year she bought me a X-Brain from Yomega China and I started to walk the dog. Couple days later got bored.

Then 3 years later she bought a Duncan ProYo on sale for me. Got good with loops and sleeping. Used it to impress at sixth grade talent show. Found my calling

another year, my ProYo started to wear away and break so I needed a new Yoyo. That year my mom went to China to visit my ill grandpa. She brought back my zinc Blazing Teens Grey Fox by Auldey. With it i can do many more tricks. Recently i used it to win my school’s Talent Contest against a bunch of other girls that sang. Got a front of lunch line pass for the rest of the year.

Maybe in high school i’ll go pro.


My friend let me play with his Henry metal looper (forget the name its some kind of snake) and a few months later I got a speeder