Just Curious: What was your first yoyo?

Did you like it or hate it? Mine was the dragonfly and it wasn’t that great

Mine was also the DragonFly and it didn’t suck. i actually really liked it. It got me through all of the intermediate tricks except for Mach 5.

my Dragonfly tipped over every time i through i down and went through string like it was nothing

I also had a dragonfly and I loved it to death! I finaly gave it to some kid just before I ordered my DM. I recently picked one up just for old times sake. It got me all the way to Split the Atom. Great little throw, got me to where I am today!

i had a mosquito , i enjoyed it

mini duncan butterfly

Buzz-On Element-X recess remix. Super awesome!

duncan mosquito, I still have it and yeah it’s beat to crap but it survived the learning curve

yomega saber raider. I still love playing responsive on it.

I know it’s unusual but my first yo-yo was a YYJ legacy. ;D

Kick it ol’ school with a duncan butterfly

My first purchased yoyo, is yet to exist, but my friend gave me his old YYJ Dark Magic as my first one, and I love it so xD

Yomega Fireball…

I got a Raider later but I learned how to do all the tricks I could do on the Raider on the Fireball.

I can actually split the atom and do most of the intermediate tricks on the Fireball…

Yomega x-wing :smiley: 11 years back.
Super yoyo russell 6 years back
Duncan Mosquito last christmas.

I forgot to mention. The yoyo above is my first in new school yoyoing. I got a Duncan Gem first.

i got o reflx then a kickside

My very first yoyo was a Yomega Fireball. I lost it for a couple of years, then found it again and got a Raider for my birthday

A lyn fury

i loved it. then i think it broke and i bought a kickside, which was even better

Kickside enough said… ;D

Dif-e-yo widesport. Talk about a learning curve… :stuck_out_tongue: lmao