What was your first throw?


Hey guys! so i was just thinking about my first throw, the Bandit. I was thinking about how awesome it was and how far ive come in yoyoing since the bandit and if id still like it if i had it. Unfortunately i lost it haha just asking…

First throw?
How long ago you started?
Do you still have it?

Just thought this would be fun haha


My first throw was a YYF Speed Dial I bought maybe five years ago. It stayed in a drawer for a long time until I googled yoyo tricks and I kind of took off from there. That happened a little over two years ago.
My first unresponsive yoyo was a PGM. It’s still in my garage, rotting away from how bad its axle was.
My first metal yoyo was a One Drop Y-factor. I hated that thing. No one can convince that that thing was not defective.
I then got two protostars to practice 3A with. I hated those things as well.

I was already getting pretty good for how long I had been yoyoing(four months), but when I received a YYR Messiah for Xmas 2010, I just took off.
I can attribute most of skill coming form that yoyo. That Messiah convinced me that it wasn’t the thrower, it’s the throw.
I believe that you are severely limited by certain types of yoyos.

That’s the history of my start-up and my philosophy of yoyos.

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My first throw was a Duncan Mosquito that I got for Christmas three years ago. Later on my friend taught me tricks and gave me a Dark Magic. The Dark Magic is what I learned the most on but I started out with the Mosquito.


Depends how you look at things.

When I first started(and failed horrifically, long boring story), it was with a wood Duncan Imperial, white with gold graphics. Christmas 1978. Didn’t last past April. Didn’t break, was taken away when the string wore out after multiple repairs to end and never once doing a successful throw or graphic pull or sleeper.

Jump back to 2011 when I started to go after this “for reals”. I bought a Duncan Reflex and Imperial. I used the Reflex first, so I guess that makes it my first. The objective was to either pass or fail for cheap, and with 2 yoyos under $20(under $15 really), it was a safe bet either way. Obviously, I did in fact decide this was for me.

But, if we mean first “modern yoyo”, then that would be the DM2 I ordered a couple of weeks later.


First I had a Duncan butterfly at age 6 then lost it never found it again then I got a Duncan proyo for Christmas are around age 9 or 8 found it in a drawer used until I found I needed a better throw so I decided to buy a yomega maverick as my first real decent throw

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My first throw was a Fast 201. It was a pretty good yo yo but I lost at me grandparents house and ended up getting a velocity. They were both great yo yos but recently I got my first unresponsive, the Protostar. It is a good yo yo so far that I highly recommend. Overall my first throw was my Fast 201


My first was a DM2. I’ve always been around yoyos, mostly duncan butterflies but I have never threw them as tricks. Once I got my DM2 I realized how vast the hobby of yoyoing was


Duncan Speed Beetle


Snoopy imperial


Yeah, my buddy got me into yoyoing and it was either the dark magic or the bandit he would give me. Super cool of him to give me a bandit that was in great shape for only 30 bucks! the dark magic is one i feel everyone has thrown, great yoyo to learn on! big gap and pretty easy to learn tricks on. And the skill definitely does depend on the throw to an extent. like, my earlier throws all had horrible spin time and id be binding every 20 seconds. Once i got into CLYW, i really started getting better


I started yoyoing when my friend snuck a green Duncan butterfly to school and walked the dog under his desk. He gave a blue one and later a Duncan mosquito. Now I have a chief and a puffin and love them.


I started yoyoing when my friend snuck a green Duncan butterfly to school and walked the dog under his desk. He gave a blue one and later a Duncan mosquito. Now I have a chief and a puffin and love them.


I started yoyoing when my friend snuck a green Duncan butterfly to school and walked the dog under his desk. He gave a blue one and later a Duncan mosquito. Now I have a chief and a puffin and love them.


My first was a gold-plated yoyo with my initials engraved in it. My parents got them for my brother and I when I was about 6. Man I wish I still had that thing…


My first yoyo was a butterfly back in 93. Then a few years later I got a brain… thank you wizards of oz lol

Stooped yoyoing tell I was 25

At my worked we started carrying Duncan butterfly’s and imperials. I didn’t think much of it but then I was reminiscing im the yoyoing as a child and the yoyo man coming to school so I decided to buy one and throw it around. After a few loops I decided to look up what kinda stuff was on you tube and my mind was blown and I have been throwing since

After the mind blow I got myself a protostar and dv888. It was funny because I bought the protostar on Amazon and somehow I bought two on accident. I called the seller and said I didn’t want two but he said it would effect his rating if I canceled the purchase (not sure if it was true) but he said he would give me a dv888 at the price of a protostar so I got both. I remember thinking its cool and all but honestly why do I need two yoyos lol now I have 20+ high end throws and have burned threw the bst with a ton more.

I dont have the protostar anymore cause I sold it not to long into throwing. The butterfly went to my nephew and the dv888 I actually just gave to a coworkers boyfriend who just began to yoyo.

I been yoyoing again for just over a year and I dont see any sign of stopping. My daughter who is 1 loves to watch daddy yoyo and like to have the yoyo grind on her hand :slight_smile: I enjoy sharing my hobby with my Family and friends and passing on the love of yoyoing to anybody who wants to learn.



I’m not familiar with the wooden Duncan Imperial. Please elaborate.


My first had to be a Yomega fireball and practically the whole neighborhood owned a raider or a fireball. I still have my raider, but I believe my fireball has been locked away, with the ark of the covenant I believe.


Pro yo