Questions on Duncan yoyos

Is the Metropolis any good? Which yoyo from the screaming eagle line should i buy because i have played with the free bird and loved it or should i wait or the Barracuda to ship?

I just got a Metropolis. It is a string eater, so it’s on its way back to Duncan ot either be repaired or replaced. I liked it except for the part where it chewed up strings after not even 5 minutes of play. Even after rubbing it down with denim and rubbing out the denim patches, it’s still a string eater. Maybe I got a bad one or this is one of those problem models. I wouldn’t mind popping a KK in there, but not as a way to get around a bearing seat that may be forever hungry for fibers. The shape is also not the typical safe/classic shape Duncan usually sticks with. Ignoring the string eating, I really liked how it performed.

Screaming Eagle line: I have the Mayhem, probably one of my favorite A-bearing yoyos. The MoMentuM is a bit different with the stacks, but is a great playing D bearing.

Yeah, Duncan makes some good stuff. The Echo and Raptor are on my wants list, and I would expect decent things from the Baracuda.

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I have played a few of the Screaming Eagles and it was actually a pleasant surprise. They were actually pretty dang good for a-bearing throws.

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I Have a raptor and an echo between the two I prefer the raptor

Wait till nationals when the flip side comes out.

I love the echo.I have a pair of duncan equals love echos and they are amazing in my opinion. :wink:

I threw Hank Freemans Barracuda today. Wow…Just WOW. Man. I’m seriously offering up big things for one right now, You might very well want to wait for this. It was so ridiculously smooth, Even Brandon said that he believes this is Duncans Best metal that they have made. It Is seriously WOW.