The Duncan Metropolis

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This is my second Duncan purchase after having bought the Raptor last year. I had the good fortune to try a Metropolis out first and I got hooked.

Look: The Metropolis has a futuristic V shape look from a futuristic city. I always think of “The Jetsons” even more than Superman’s Metropolis whenever I pick it up. It’s outer space looking, with very subtle lines and a smooth smooth contoured inner cup design. There are several colors to choose from (Except BLACK!! GRRRR). But. I do have to say that they ALL look cool outdoors in the daylight. They have this soft glowy sheen. I have the Red one and have really enjoyed watching it fly about streaking across the room. Also, this is one of those yoyos that looks like its standing still, as if it isn’t spinning at all. It’s sweet.

Feel: This is my 6th V shape model and it’s feel in the palm is reminiscent of the Spyy Supra or the JK to some extent. All you feel are the rims and the wide air space in the catch zone. Its surface is really smooth to the touch. If you own the Raptor, the Metro has the same type of surface feel. On the returns the throw hits back with a soft pat so, it’s a very comfortable V to hold.

1A Play: The Metro offers excellent grip as its diameter seems to be just right, so you’re likely to get a good powerful throw every time. On the first throw, I felt absolute solid stability and excellent balance. It is smooth, smooth, smooth and fast. I had a feeling it would be fast because my Supra is heavier than the Metro and is pretty fast but this thing leaves it in the dust in terms of speed. It’s high rim profile really channels the energy and momentum too. It feels like its riding on rails. Your throw will be precise and the yoyo will stay on its axis from beginning to end.

The rim design is very interesting. It’s not exactly obvious where this model puts its rim weight but upon careful observation you’ll see it. On the topside, It’s weight is spread part way across the wing and not fully concentrated on the outer edge and underside of the wing such as you’d see on the Supra. In the inner cup you will note that the design is not parallel to the top but has a slight curvature. At its widest thickness is where the magic is. The amount of spin power and stability this produces is really amazing. You can do some really long combos with this yoyo. You can perform everything on the Expert Village vids with this guaranteed.

The Metro has awesome float for all kinds of hop tricks so you will be pleased with this yoyo. It shoots up fast and high. I almost hit the ceiling on the first pop. It also has some serious hang time, almost as if it descends on a parachute or something. Its grinding capacity is excellent for a V. Some Vs don’t grind well and tend to wipe out sometimes on palm grinds but this one stays solid on both rims for a fairly long palm grind. My best so far is 6 seconds with it. It also does very good finger grinds! It does not do IRGs though. I kept trying, but it just falls off. There is minimal vibe felt on the string around 1 inch above the gap as it spins. But not enough to remotely distract you from enjoying its superb performance!

The Silicone Groove rings work excellent. The metro binds really tight, even on a weak throw or when the spin slows down it still stops on a dime. They appear to be 19mm as the standard CBC slim pad. I put a CBC directly on top of the SG pad and they seem to match perfectly. However I have not replaced them with CBC pads as of this writing.

5A Play: I have to say up front that I REALLY like this throw for 5A. When you throw 5A style your finger wraps deep into its gap to get a really firm, and commanding grip! Upon the throw, the thing is incredibly smooth and stable and super long spinning. There always seems to be spin time left over on this one even after a lengthy run on some 5A stuff. I feel the weight to be quite good. At 66 grams, its not too, too heavy so I find it to be a decent counter weight to the counter weight so to speak. The only minor draw back to it are the catches. I always seem to get a knuckle buster. Not a painful one, but a soft one if that makes any sense. On the returns it binds really really tight. Right now, this is my main 5A throw. Easy landings, smooth, stable, fast and just really long spinning.

Conclusion: This is a great throw, I really love this yoyo. And I recommend it to anyone looking for a great metal under $50… For $45 bucks, you will be getting a yoyo that plays as well as higher priced throws. It’s fast, nimble, smooth, super stable and long spinning! Duncan is really churning out some awesome throws and it really shows in the Metropolis!


Awesome review i really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Hi. Thanks for the positive feedback and you are welcome!

Awesome review man! I’ve been looking into getting a lot of the Duncan metals lately. I have an exit 8 on the way, and was looking at the echo, and metropolis, and deciding which one to get. I’ll probably get both, but it’s good to see the metropolis is a good player. Thanks for the review.

Hello, you’re welcome and thanks for the nice feedback. I also have the echo. Both the Metro and the Echo are excellent. You will enjoy them I’m sure.

Hi and thanks for stopping by. I honestly don’t see that the Echo and Metro are similar by any means. They are different shapes, and sizes and weights. They are the same price and that’s it. The Metro is a sleek, fast nimble player and For its weight, it provides very very good and lengthy spin times. The Echo is a larger, heavier and slower player which provides even more spin time than the Metro. The Metro does not use caps or come with caps like the Echo does so it’s weight is always constant. The Metro’s wing does not have a dome as you can see, whereas the Echo does. Both are winners in my book depending on what you feel like throwing on any given day. ;D

Great review. Just opened one up yesterday. Definitely a long spinner. I’m really impressed with this yo. It does everything one can ask (as does its brother, echo)

However, I noticed after about 10 minutes the stock string broke. Replaced with a poly string. I noticed that it was eating through the loop. Replaced again. Later determined that the outer ring of the bearing seat has a slight edge and was a bit sharp. I ended up smoothing this edge w/ a very small file and scotch brite pad (careful not to screw up the finish). Seems to be holding strings a bit better. I’ve not had any issues with the Raptor or the Echo.

Anyone else notice this?

I’ve been following reviews and stuff in the Modifications/Maintenance section regarding the Metropolis and it does appear that this yoyo is a string eater out of the box more times than not, so it appears very common. The recommended fix is to do something to wear down that edge, often involving a piece of denim, but I’ve heard of other methods as well, such as exactly as you have done.

Hi and thanks for the positive feedback. I’m a bit stunned about the whole string eating thing. I had not experienced this at all. It would be good to send this feedback to Duncan.