help selecting first metal yoyo

I’m looking to buy my first metal yoyo
I’m looking for an affordable yoyo

I’m considering a duncan raptor but if you have any info or suggestions that would be great
Also info on bearings would be nice

I went with a dv888

In all reality almost any metal yo-yo these days will preform at level but if you want a specific recommendation I would get get a dv888 or any other fundaMETAL. If you don’t mind getting a used throw the b/s/t has great deals.

A good first metal would be either a dv888 or a raptor if you don’t wanna spend too much. my first metal was a G5, and it plays great. I can’t really think of a metal yoyo today that doesn’t play well though, it’s all just preference.

From what I’ve used from dv888, it’s smooth, undersized, and stable.
As for the raptor, well…
Waits for skeleton boy

Thanks guys, guess its between dv888 or raptor whichever I find the better deal for

I havent tried the raptor, but i love my Dv888. It was my first all metal trow, and i still love it. It is GREAT i would get it if i where you.

Growls… Don’t MAKE me.

Raptor is a great choice for any level. It’s quite smooth on the string, it does and finishes every trick well, plays well and smooth, has got a nice comfortable shape, comes with 2 extra sets of response pads for replacement, 2 removable caps for different feel and weight of play, many colors to choose from, and has a nice fancy laser engraving on each side, with that all said, no-one can go wrong with it. Go Raptor.

Many people claim it’s either smoother or somewhat “better” than hte Dv888. Dv888 is good too, smooth, grinds well, not to mention Raptor grinds extremely smooth just like people say about Dv888. Both don’t IRG’s.


DV888 is a really great choice. Dead smooth, long spin times, great throw. The YYF Yuuksta is a really good choice too. EPIC throw!!! Hopes this helps you. :slight_smile:

I dont like either u should save up for a yuuksta the dv888 is too over rated and raptor i just dont like