good metal

what would be a good first metal around 50 and down.

All metal? If so, I’d get a Dv888. Its $44.99

Raptor all the way. Its very smooth, almost vibeless, great on grinds, comes with 2 removable caps for different weight, feel, play, 2 extra sets of response pads (3 in total), has many colors to choose from and has a nice laser engraving on each side. It has a perfect size, not too big like a PGM, not too small like an extremely under-sized. It plays really well, just gotta love it.

Dv888 is not a bad choice either, but it doesn’t have the features Raptor has, and people claimed that the Raptor is smoother than it.

Go Raptor, you can’t go wrong.

is someone copy/pasting their posts?

Well not really. But really that is my opinion and if 10 people ask, I give my opinion 10 times.

First thing first, are you a beginner, and if not, do you have any preferences?

if you like undersized throws, go with a dv888.
if you like full sized throws, go with the raptor. They are both amazingly smooth, you just cant go wrong! :slight_smile:

Think about a yoyo that when you wrap your fingers around, and your middle finger and thumb touch snuggly together. What yoyo’s do you have? We may able to compare the size feel.

Go with raptor. I got it 2 weeks ago, and I love it. I’ve heard a lot about the dv888 also. Both seem very good. No matter which you get its a win. ;D