DV888 info

I just got a DV888 and its my first metal Yoyo and I was wandering is it a good Yoyo

You just got it, so you tell US if you believe it’s a good yoyo…! :wink: Are you liking it so far?

I just ordered it is what I ment

Kind of backwards-- most people ask opinions and THEN order. But at least you avoid a tonne of conflicting opinions…

The general consensus is that it’s a perfectly fine yoyo. Some out there love it, a few are ambivalent. Not many downright “hate” it. You’ll enjoy it just fine, I’m sure of it!

it used to be one of the most recommended first metal throws, or budget metals. There aren’t really a lot of yoyos that classify as bad anyway.

Very rarely are you going to stumble across a “bad” yoyo. Maybe a yoyo you are not too fond of, but hardly ever will a bad yoyo fall into your hands.

Let me offer my nickel on the dv888:

First off, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with the dv888. It’s a decent yoyo.

For me, it’s just not an ideal fit. It’s undersized, and I prefer full sized but I do have plenty of full sized yoyos. It does make this an ideal pocket yoyo.

The yoyo is very rim weighted. By doing this, it adds stability to the yoyo, which in turn gives it long spin times, which we all want anyways. To me though, it plays very heavy for it’s size. The rims don’t have an IRG ring, so it’s not great for those kind of grind tricks. The inside is flat though so if you can do those gyro tricks, it can handle it but you have to be extra accurate to hit taht cup properly. While the inside is flat, there is an open hole for the axle. You need to be careful when re-assembling this yoyo as a result because the axle can just go right through. Not having the axle being prevented from going through, if you have the right parts, you could hubstack this yoyo without having to do anything that would require any tools.

Because of the extreme rim weight and being undersized, it has other pros and cons. The shape and where the weight is is good for nearly all players except those with the worst throw. Unlike some other undersized that don’t like being badly thrown, the dv888 is way more tolerant of this. However, like with other undersized yoyos, it takes less guff off you when it comes to bad hits.

One has to keep in mind that someone not liking a yoyo doesn’t mean it isn’t good. This yoyo is not an ideal fit for me, so it’s not something I reach for. I am glad I have it. As far as yoyos go, it’s a good standard reference model and as a result, most people should have one. I am glad I have one despite it not being a good fit for me. It also plays right at it’s price level. Despite it not being a good match for me, it’s still a good yoyo.

There’s also plenty of other yoyos I don’t care for. I’ve been fortunate to have had the chance to play them first. Unfortunately most of them are also YYF’s. What does this mean? It just means that YYF is still making amazing yoyos, just they have many that just aren’t good matches for me. At the same time, I have plenty of YYF yoyos that I do like, so I’m clearly not anti-YYF.

What I will say is this:
You did things the wrong way. Ask for advice first, THEN order. Not order and then see what people think.
Give yourself a more than fair time to evaluate this yoyo. Be patient with it. Take your time with it. Learn to throw it properly. This yoyo needs more time than other yoyos to really be able to give it a fair assessment. Hopefully, you find this yoyo is as good as it really is and you end up liking it.

I feel you on the whole order and then ask more opinions because of anticipation. It’s a fun experience. Imo the dv888 is good, i like them and wouldn’t mind picking one up for myself but the one I tried felt a bit heavy on the string (that could mean any number of things like bearing/pad/string configuration) all in all you’ll be happy with it. YYF for the most part makes some really good yoyos. they have a few that are specially designed to be unique like the mighty flea or the velocity but their yoyos are good but right now just about everything is preference.

I think it’s good. It grinds pretty well for finger grinds. I think it is a bit heavy and slow, but it can handle anything I can throw at it.

Its a great throw, especially for the price. A bit unstable IMO, but if used correctly it can do anything you throw at it.